• The rain poured down mercilessly. Time seemed to drag on, minutes and seconds blending together to form a cocktail that seemed so potent that the Earth itself was grasping for it. Reaching it and becoming intoxicated an....
    "Ray! Ray!......RAAAAAAAAYY!!"
    Ray blinked, his train of thought broken. He turned his head away from the barred window that had taken hold of his thoughts and turning the perch into a blur of colors.
    "What do you want Jewl?", Ray yawned, leaning against the arch of the window.
    The rain turned his, somewhat tan skin, white. His strait black hair obscured his vision also disguising his eyes, one a brilliant silver and the other a bone chilling blue.
    Jewl's face turned into a pout, her beauty turned childish in comparison to her young age of 16. Her purple eyes seemed to stare strait into (what was left) of Ray's soul, he didn't even flinch. Her brown hair swayed as she shook her head in pity.
    "Wha'da'ya think i am here for?!" she cried out.
    "Well i thought you just came by to say 'hello'.", Ray chimed innocently. The display roused a snort of indignation from Jewl.
    "Your wasting time. It's a class three. Maybe with wings.", she briefed as Ray jumped the ten feet down to her.
    "Good I'll bring a butterfly net.", he commented without humor.

    "Ha ha!! So putrid!". No heads turned towards the ally where the deep voice boomed. A lizard like creature had pinned a 20 year old thief to an alley wall, the sharp claws pierced strait through the man's shoulder. The victim showed no sign of agony , the punk was beyond agony.
    The eyes. He couldn't look away. Fear grasped his heart in an icy wave. Anything was better than this, he thought, this has to end please let it end.
    A smile twitched onto the things face, his charcoal black teeth were daggers. The punk's hand moved an inch forward and was thrown back as the creature's tail had pierced his arm.
    The smile widened. His head cocked to the side. "What are YOU going to do?", the thing taunted, "I know your thoughts, your past, your present, and..." it's free hand pulled back charging darkness, "your future! And your MINE!". Its hand rushed forward towards the man's emotionless face.
    A light flashed downward from one of the buildings, and the creature's hand was gone, enveloped in a ball of pure white flame, except for a small wooden shaft sticking upwards. The creature screamed a sound that resembled gravel, as he dropped the man to the ground. The victim slumped to the ground in a daze as the pain broke his trance. He hopelessly dragged himself to the sidewalk and passed out.
    The thing's red eyes looked to the roof of the building adjacent to the alley, to where the arrow came from.
    It quickly dodged as Ray came slamming down with his gauntlet.
    Jewl stood looking from the roof, wielding a bow and a quiver full of arrows, with shafts covered with rune engravings and sheets of paper attached. Ray crouched in a doggish stance, his gauntlet was equipped with sharp claws that curved across his fingers.
    "You stupid little piece of meat." the thing roared.
    Ray grinned roguishly, his set of fangs flashing. The monster stabbed outward with its tail, Ray nimbly twisted his body to avoid the spike tip.
    "Whenever you're ready!" Jewl called down, four arrows drawn back in the bow. Ray lunged forward, claws extended; the silver-blue jacket moved in unison with him, covering and uncovering the midnight blue shirt beneath it. His body shook as it pierced the creature's chest with a roar. "NOW!", he shouted.
    Jewl's arrows whized down, spreading out into a thin-wired net. The net caught the thing, erupting in white flames. With a final roar the ashes of the thing were all that were left.
    "That was not a class three. Maybe a two at best." Ray complained, kicking the ashes softly, "That was a two. Get your facts strait hun." he shouted up in a joking tone although he really meant it. "Well ssoorrry!" You know it's barely off sometimes!", Jewl replied with no emotion on her face but annoyance. "And I can't expect a half-breed mutt like you to understand anyways." Jewl stood with a cocky look on her face.
    "What did you just sa..." his claws flashed in the ally, but his phrase was interrupted by a siren.
    "Well, job done, lets head out before they see us." Ray quickly scooped some of the white ash into a vial. He put the vial in a pocket in his jacket and he scaled the wall by hand and claw.
    "Pfft, what are you a general?" Jewl rolled her eyes. "You better pray not" Ray grunted as they both headed towards their prison.