• Akira:The Darkness Part 4

    ~Two hundred miles away from that horrible kingdom~
    I stared at the red headed girl.We were riding the horse for hours.I sighed and tilted my head back.
    "How long til we get there?"I asked.And looked at the dark night sky.So pretty,yet so far from my delicate fingers and hands.I looked at my hands and frowned.Just like my mothers.I smiled.But the truth stepped back in my head.I frowned sadly.
    "We are here.Come.I will lead you to our leader."The young woman said.She jumped off her horse and walked towards a huge tent."Are you coming or what?"She added.I jumped off and followed,my peasant dress flowed in the wind as I walked along the pebbled path.
    The red headed girl went in first.I waited outside for ten minutes.I heard yelling,screaming and the crashing of glasses.My eyes widened.I peeked into the tent.The red headed girl laid on the ground heavy bleeding and coughing up more blood.She was stabbed and a man loomed over here like a death reaper in a black hooded robe.He had a knife in his right hand.I breathed heavy.He turned towards me,his face was hidden in the shadow of the robe hood.I could see him smile,as he walked towards me.I ran like it was the end of the world.
    I ran right through a set of tent,all of them filled with corpses.I screamed.The man was walking slowly towards me,like he wanted me to run.I stopped running.Running will slow me down.Stay calm...just stay calm.I breathed and turned around the man was right in my face.I fainted from shock and amusement.

    ~Three Hours Later~
    I woke up,a bit dazed but ok.It was morning.I looked around my eyes still in a blur. Then I spotted him.He held a finger up to his mouth.I sat up.He took off his hood to reveal a wave of silver hair with black streaks.Hazel eyes anyone would die for and tan colored skin like mine.
    "Those women would of killed you like a dog."Was the only thing he said.I looked confused.And rubbed my head.
    "How do you know?You silver haired murderer"I snapped back.
    "Because,they are beings with no name that kill unsuspected women like you and promise you riches,revenge.Anything.I've been following them for a long time.Luckily I killed them before they got to you."He told me like I was a child.
    "And how do you know all of this?"I asked,staring at him.He stared back.
    "Because....my whole family died trying to defeat them."