• take me away my God. please i beg u!! i wish 2 b free of these weights on my back! streets of gold! mighty lord, masiah, immanuel, prince of peace, father, holy spirit bring light upon me. u cried when u had to bring a man back down 2 earth. in the bible u said "Death where's your victory? Death where's thy shame?" in ur word it says much mor but my favorite is one no one shall forget "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever beleives in Him shall NOT perish but hav ETERNAL LIFE!!!!" wonders of the world come together and bow down to ur almighty king the one and only GOD!!! no1 knows u but Him!! so my dear beloved lord tell the devil of hell come from the shadows and love God cuz ur never leaving! and tell him if death will soon b on my shoulders tell him i said "BRING IT!!!!! I AM NOR WILL I EVER B SCARED!!!!" Wat scares me is this world. look at wat -no not wat u created but wat- ur creations did. i am ready 4 ur heaven already even if im young even if i never felt luv even if i never made luv!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!! i want 2 luv no1 mor than i luv u!! Savior come down!! take ur beleivers and their children!! but still bless the 1's who hav to rot in hell!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!