• This story does have Harry in it. And it also has Fleur in it.

    I was following Harry when I heard a whisper. Harry turned the corner and started heading in the direction of the whisper. When I turned the corner I saw Fleur .

    " Harry , I know what the third event is gonna be "

    " Really ? What ? "

    " A maze "

    " A maze ? "

    " Yes it is gonna be a maze . But not just any maze, the walls are gonna change . "

    " I don't mean to do rude , but why are you telling me this ? "

    " You saved my sister . It's the least I can do. The Delacour's stick together no matter what "

    " Oh right " Harry blushes " It was nothing "

    Fleur blushes at the sight of Harry's blush or maybe it was what Harry had said. " Saving a life is a big deal. "

    Harry places his hand on Fleur's shoulder " Your a nice kind girl . You would have did the same thing "

    " Thank you Harry "

    Harry leans in and kisses Fleur on the lips . The kiss lasted about thirty seconds. " Your welcome " And then he starts to walk away without another word.

    Fleur kissed two guys with in ten hours that must be a new record. Well one kissed her, Well maybe both kissed her. I really don't know because I wasn't there when she started snogging Cedric.