• A Love Forgotten

    (raines POV)

    I was alone.

    All alone.

    Five years have passed since the 'Ratatosk incident', and I was kinda lonely. Genis was always out somewhere with Presea or Lloyd,so I didn't have anyone to talk to.

    Ever since HE left, I've been feeling really depressed...I didn't like him much at the time,but...I guess I do now.

    He only said goodbye to his son.

    ...No one else.

    I was going to go say goodbye,but by the time I got there...He was gone.


    It makes my heart ache to know he'll never come back...Never know that I loved him.

    Not that he'd care. Kratos was always so cold and stoic...I guess that's what I admired in him.

    Or maybe it was the fact that he was the first person on the journey of regeneration that I could actually have a some what inteligent conversation with.

    Either way, he is my first and only love.

    My forgotten love.