• Me: I'll just tell myself a story.

    One day, while Red Riding Hood was on her way to give her grandmum some cookies, a wolf came.
    She smacked him with the loaf of bread she hadn't cut yet and then ran away. When she got to her grandmum’s house the door was already open she walked through it saying
    "Grandmum, you here?”
    "In here, Deary."
    So Red Riding Hood skipped into the last room on the left of the hall way east of the front door. When she got there she noticed how her grandmum had an enormously large amount of hair.
    "What a lot of hair you’ve got Grandmum!"
    "It's to stay warm for the winter."
    Then, Red noticed her nose.
    "What a great nose you’ve got there!"
    "Yes, it's for sniffing out food when my vision goes bad."
    She then also noticed her ears.
    "What giant ears you have!"
    “Yes, well, it's for hearing intruders…"
    While seeing her grandmum speak, Red noticed her enormous teeth.
    "What big teeth you have!"
    “Yes, they’re new. Would you like to feel them?"
    Wondering how her grandmum's new teeth felt, she reached in to touch the enormously large teeth when her grandmum said,
    “They’re also for eating my food,” and all of a sudden Grandmum’s voice changed deeply, “LIKE YOU!"
    and in one huge mouth ful, the wolf opened it's mouth and bit off red's arm. red sprawled on the floor bleeding
    Red screamed as the wolf got out of bed.
    "Aaaahh!!! You’re not Grandmum!!" Red screamed.
    "MUAHAHAHAHAH!! No, I’m not…Your grandmum went for a little stroll in the woods"
    With those last draws of breath, Red died sprawled there, eaten by the wolf. After the wolf was done, he heard a voice.
    "Red, are you here? I heard screaming."
    Grandmum walked down the hall way and into her room.
    "OH! Oh…oh my, you gave me a fright...”
    "Yea, well, pay up. I did the job for you."
    "Oh, oh alright… here you go."

    With that, Grandmum lived on without having to have annoying visits from her granddaughter. The wolf left with a bunch of food to last him all winter. With Grandmum’s bad deed done, she slept soundly that night. That cold, rainy night, the wolf came in Grandmum's cottage and decided that it ‘wouldn’t hurt to eat her, too’.

    Right when he was about to jump through the window, Grandmum shot the wolf with the shotgun she kept under her pillow. Watching the wolf slide down the window sill and onto her floor she said to him as he drew his last breath,
    "You damn b*****d."
    With that, the wolf and Red were dead and Grandmum went back to sleep with no worries. What she didn’t know was that with her bad deeds done God was very unhappy with her so he shot a lightning bolt down and set fire to her cottage. He sat there as he watched Grandmum be burned alive in her cottage for her dreadful deeds.

    Me: And with this, I say-

    Story - kargoboy117
    Editor - xiUchiha