• Chapter 1—The Hotel

    All the drapes were closed. It was too bright for them to manage, the only lights from the flue sent bulbs. The A.C. was on full blast, but yet the heat was too much to bare. She twisted and turned wondering what is going to happen next. The creature ran up to her. She tried to fight it, but when the creature was almost defeated, the creature grabs her wrists and starts to devour her.

    “Oh my gosh! What in the world is wrong with you??!!” Cat yells as she slams open the bedroom door. “Oh…. It was just a dream…” Fenisha replies trying to catch her breath and breathe. “You wanna talk about it?” Cat asks worried. “No, its ok Cat. Thanks though.”
    “But nothing.” Fenisha cuts her off. Fenisha then takes in some air, then to cover her nose because of the stench. “Oh no! The mac and cheese!” Cat jumps up and runs out of the room. Fenisha follows her out and into the kitchen. “Why is there such a big mess in here?” Fenisha asks as she scans the place. There were dirty dishes, random cleaning supplies, and food scattered everywhere. “Well I was cooking lunch…” Cat says sadly. “But now look at it!! Everything is burned!” Cat starts to cry. “Hush… hush… It’s okay, I’ll help you cook, but first we have to clean up this mess…” Fenisha replies comforting her.

    After Cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen, Fenisha and Cat start to cook. “Man, I’m exhausted.” Fenisha sighs as she starts to boil the macaroni. “So am I.” Cat retorted and yawned. “Did you sleep at all last night?” Fenisha asks cat looking disappointed. “No… I watched Ichima all night.” Cat laughs and walks toward the living room. “And not only that, I’m starving.”
    “I am too… but…”
    “But what?”
    “Nothing… You will get to see tonight.” Fenisha laughs back and starts to cook the rest of the lunch. A few minutes later, there is a knock on the door. “Who is that?” Cat asks and sat down on the couch. “I have no clue. Did you order anything from down stairs?” Fenisha says and look toward Cat. “Yeah, wow, I forgot, I actually called the lobby and asked for a maid to clean the suite.” Cat replies and turns on the television. Fenisha sighs and starts to walk toward the door. But before she opens it she grabs her robe from the coat rack and throws it on. Once she got it on she opened the door. “Hello, I am your maid for your stay.”

    There stood a boy looking a Fenisha. He was tan, had grey eyes and is thin. He was wearing a black and white dress with jeans underneath. He had on an apron, with a blue bow tie. He was about average height. 5’5”. Just a bit shorter the Fenisha. When he smiled, showing his white teeth, they had no other choice but to laugh. “Hey! Stop that! Stop laughing at me before I smash on you!” He yelled angrily. They laughed even harder. “What’s a smash?” Fenisha questions him. He doesn’t answer. Fenisha follows his gaze toward her body.

    Fenisha has the body of an athlete. She has nice curves; she’s a little bit on the thinner side. She is a lighter shade of brown, she has 6 piercings. Four of them are on the earlobe, and the other two on the cartilage of her left ear. Her hair is brown, and falls down to her shoulders. Fenisha used to have flawless skin, but now she has a few pimples on her face. As he was looking at her, she just happened to be wearing black pajama short shorts and a purple thin tank top that showed her smooth stomach.

    Fenisha then snaps her finger making him jump. “Huh? What?” He asks confused. She closes her robe and walks back toward the kitchen. “Get to cleaning, pervert.” Cat yells. “Yeah, before we smash on you.” Fenisha finishes Cats statement. The girls laughed loudly again. The maid then stumbles into the room carrying a cart.

    “Why is it so dark in here?” He asks. “Because we like it that way. Got a problem with that?” Fenisha replies irritated. “Oh… No I don’t…” He says and backs up as if Fenisha was going to bash him in his head. “Yay!! Ichima’s on!” Cat yells happily. “And the foods ready also.” Fenisha calls out and turns off the burner. Cat was on her way toward the dining table, but half way there she stops and turns toward the maid. “Um… what’s your name?” She asks and stares straight at him. “Christopher. Chris for short.”
    “Ugh. I don’t like your name. It sucks. And Plain. Dull. Boring. Shall go on?” Cat says with a blank stare in her eyes. “No, I think that’s enough. Unlike you Cat, I think he fits that name.” Fenisha said as she stared to share out the food. “So. Chris, are you hungry? I think we made too much food.”
    “Actually, I kinda am. But let me vacuum first.” Chris says and turns on it on. Surprisingly it was low in sound.

    Suddenly there was a bang on the door. “CHRIS!” A guy yells on the other side of the door. “HEY CHRIS!! YOU IN THERE??!!”
    “YES! He’s in here! What’s your problem?” Fenisha yells as he opens the door. The guy starts to walk in. Fenisha then grabs his arm and throws him back out, but it seems as if he didn’t even notice. Fenisha follows his glare. He was staring at Cat.

    Cat has a thicker figure, but yet she looks fit. She is a caramel shade of brown and her hair is black and falls down past her shoulders. She has only four piercings, to on each ear lobe. She is a few inches shorter then Fenisha. Cat was wearing black pajama pants and a black halter top.

    Fenisha slaps him across his face. “You are so rude!” She yells at him. “What?” He asks dumbfounded. “Ren?” Chris asks as he turns off the vacuum. Cat Walks back toward the living room; lies back on the couch and turns up the volume on the television. Looking at Ren, Fenisha’s anger rose. Her eyes started to turn red. When Ren eyes met Fenisha’s he took a step back in fear. Cat turns down the volume and walks toward the door. Once Cat saw Fenisha’s eyes, her eyes went red too. Because Fenisha knew that their secret was not to be found out, she turned around and grabbed Cat’s arm and pulled her toward the table.

    “Dude, wasn’t that tall chicks eyes hazelish- purple? And the shorter chicks Hazelish- orange?” Chris whispered to Ren. Fenisha and cat whispered and tried to calm down. Then Ren looked at Cat again, which made Fenisha head turn so quick toward him, it seemed as if she had a whiplash. “Can you put your eyes on something else? Thanks.” Fenisha said and give him a fake smile. She turns back around to face Cat once again. “Can you believe that dude…um…. What his name….. Oh yeah! Can you believe that guy… Ren?” Fenisha whispered to Cat angrily. “Who the heck does he think he is?”
    “NumNumz, pleas calm down…” Cat whispers back.

    Finally, after a few minutes, Fenisha calms down and her eyes turn back to its natural color. “So… How did your eyes turn that bloody red?” Ren asks Cat, though he was looking at Fenisha. “Oh, they turn red when we get extremely mad… It’s kinda something we got from out parents.” Fenisha elbowed Cat after she said that last statement. Cat gave her a mean look. “So, do you wanna eat?” Cat practically yells at Ren. “Uh…” He glanced at Fenisha. She turns toward the kitchen so he doesn’t see that the redness in her eyes was coming back. He responds. “Sure, I guess.” Fenisha shares out the food on all four plates. They all sit don’t and start to eat.

    “So, Ren.” Chris breaks the silence that brought tension to the table. “Why are you here?”
    “Oh! The boss man wants to speak with you.” Ren says and takes another spoonful of mac and cheese from the pan. “Even though you make delicious food, I still don’t like you.” Ren states directly to Fenisha. “WELL EXC-“ Just as Fenisha was about to yell at Ren, Chris interrupted her. “Well, yeah, your right Ren, she does make amazing food, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to like her. You were rude earlier and the way she responded, seemed most appropriate in this situation, and not only that…” He hesitates. “I like her.” He whispers to himself. “Typical. Chris, you always fall for the tall, hot, attitude filled girls. Anyways- Back to you job, I think that Mr. Michelle is gunna fire you.” Ren says with his mouth full. “So? I really don’t care, I don’t get paid enough to be working this much anyways. You can him to take his cheep as—“ Cat cuts Chris off. “Don’t curse!” She yells and slaps his arm. “And I don’t see all that work you claim you say you do. It looks like you’re eating and chatting to me.” Fenisha says seriously. “True.” Cat and Ren agrees at the same time. “Oh…” Chris replies embarrassed.

    After they ate, Fenisha started to pick up the plates and walks to the kitchen so she can start washing the dishes. “So how old are you two?” Ren asks Cat. “Well I’m fourteen and Fenisha is sixteen.” Cat replies, then walks up to the kitchen where Fenisha hands her a rag, and Cat cleans off the table they just ate off of. “Ok, then, what are your names?” Chris then asks. “What is this? 21 questions?” Fenisha asks getting aggravated. I’m sorry, I just wanted to know….” Chris quietly says and starts to pack up the cleaning supplies, that he has yet to use. Cat starts to talk to Fenisha telepathically. [What’s wrong? They are just asking us some questions…] Fenisha turns to Cat and responds. [Because we don’t really know them.]
    “So I guess I’ll see you later…. um… Well I would say your names if I knew them…” Chris says and starts to walk toward the door. “I’m Cat and that’s Fenisha.” Cat blurts out. Fenisha gives out a big sigh and walks into the bedroom.

    “And you didn’t finish cleaning Chris, so you need to stay.” Cat says and starts to walk to the bedroom. Ren walks Toward Cat. “What are you doing?” Chris asks Ren cautiously. “Nothing really… It’s just that I’ve always wanted to know how it felt to touch a cut girl.” Cat becomes worried and walks faster toward the bedroom. Ren grins and grabs Cats hand before she could grab the doorknob. “Wooh! Don’t touch me!” Cat yells and bites him.

    Cat’s eyes light up instantly. Ren fell to his knees. He then yelled in pain. Fenisha runs out of the room and pulls Cat away from Ren. Cat then grins an evil grin. Her teeth got longer and pointer. Her eyes turned jet black. Black angelic wings grew from her back. Cat slowly stared to walk toward Ren, her mouth watering. “Ren Move!” Fenisha yells and slams him into the couch. Cat head snapped up from the place where Ren once was. Fenisha turned toward Cat. Her wings came out as black and more devilish, Because Fenisha kept calm, her eye color stayed the same. And her teeth stayed their normal size.

    “Fenisha move. I must…” Cat was cut off as Fenisha slammed her against the wall in the kitchen. Fenisha then grabbed Cat by her wings and dragged her into the bedroom. As she shut the door, Cat started to pant and complained. “Why couldn’t you just let me drink?” Cat yelled. Water rose in her eyes. Fenisha already turned back to normal, and hugged Cat. “Because I know that you’re uncontrollable once you start to drink, you could have killed him.” Fenisha laughed. “And we don’t want that. We are Stragas. And as Stragas, don’t associate in that.” She continued. “Now I want you to drink this.” Fenisha rose and took out a canister. Cat drank and her body turned back to normal also. “How…?” Ren stopped talking once he walked into the bedroom and saw Cat. She had blood all around her mouth. “How did you two do that…?” He asked scared. “Haha… Well actually we did it like this.” Fenisha walked up to Ren and sucker punched him right in his face, knocking him out. She then walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a pot. Chris stood at the door frozen in shock, once he looked at Fenisha, she swung and knocked Chris out flat.