• tab tab tab tab tab tab tab ~War of the Ancients~
    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Chapter 1

    tab A roar bellowed across the ravine. Flames rained from the sky. Boulders tumbled from the cliffside. Water rushed through the narrow passages. Tornadoes stretched from the sky. Four Entities stood facing each other in the middle of the chaos.

    tab Deity, with his flaming eyes and nostrils,stood on four legs his tough leathery skin shone a crimson red his wings extended full length,Small coils of smoke rolled off.He flicked his black spiked tail back and forth gently in the air.

    tab Oshan stood the currents of the east raging behind him. His armor made from the purest ice, It shone in a never melting Glisten. He flexed his uncontractible claws. His skin scorched with the symbols of the Ocean deep.

    tab Raiza stood facing the northern winds.His inch thick skin acting like a suit of armor, enchanted by the currents of the ever changing with dancing beneath the surface of his skin. His great sword trailing on the ground in the gust of the storms.

    tab Hurricane stood wearyingly facing the south.His Ghost-white skin hung loosely on his body.His wings tattered,and battle scarred from centuries past. His eyes had lost they're golden Shine. His claws had dulled and yellowed from his old age. He flexed his legs weakly earth cracking, twisting, and bending around him in all directions.

    tab The four glanced at each other. Oshan and Raiza nodded at each other. Hurricane and Deity nodded as well.Deity jerked his head, Flinging his mouth open, flames erupted in almsot an explosion of sparks and smoke towards Raiza. Raiza side stepped the attack , borught his sword down making a mini twister.

    tab Deity, standing on his hind legs, beta his wings canceling the twister and came back down to the ground, Splintering it up as more flames shot towards Raiza.

    tab Oshan let out a screech and motioned his tail, WAves emerged behind him, launching towards Deity.Hurricane, reacting fast for his age, Flexed his legs and rammed one into the ground creating a mote to re-Route the water. hurricane shifted his foot sending a wall of spiked rock to Oshan.

    tab Oshan screeched and dove out of the way. Hurricane shfited his foot as Oshan entered the air, sending another wall owards him.Oshan looked up towards Hurricane as the wall hit him shattering a section of his armor. His armor turned red as a trail of blood ran under the ice.He let out another screech before disappearing into the currents a small faitn red trail lead back away fromt he battlegrounds. Hurricane shifted his foot another roughly done mote link to that siphoning it deeper into the ravine.

    tab Hurricane looked at raiza who was pre-occupied with Deity.He Roared out into the ravine,small pebbles falling, followe dby larger, rock, then turnng into eventually boulders.

    tab Raiza turned his head away from Deity, as he was struck in the side sending him into the cliffside. He looked up as the boulders struck him peeling him from the cliffside down onto the ground below.

    tab Hurricane weazed slightly when he breathed his muscles sor, his boen creaked as he mvoe closer to the pile of rubble. He collapsed infront of the pile unable to move, his energy exhausted.

    tab tab tab tab tab End of Chapter One