• Outside the castle walls the snow storm continued, causing the entire castle to drop in temperature. Flonne shivered, running her hands over her upper arms to gain a little heat. It was to no prevail and no one was around to help her.

    "It's so cold in the Netherworld... In Celestia we have nothing like this." She mumbled, looking above the throne.

    "Come here, you stupid love freak." Laharl's voice was soft, even though he wanted it to come out strong and demanding.

    When Flonne turned around so she could look at him, he wrapped his scarf around her. Then he pulled her close to his body, letting the warmth of his chest filter through the thin fabric of Flonne's dress. She wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head against his collar bone.

    Laharl blushed, not used to the feeling of caring and much less familiar with the touch of a girl. "Now don't get all mushy on me, Love Freak." He whispered, his strength failing him.

    Flonne looked up into his red eyes and smiled. "But Laharl,"

    Laharl stopped her mid-sentence by placing his lips on hers and letting out a small grunt, feeling weaker than ever. Something about Flonne clutched at his heart and brought out the... best... in him. With her, he knew that when his mother had told him of love she was telling the truth.

    Laharl released her lips after a moment of sweet bliss. He looked into Flonne's face and caught a glimpse of a soft blush on her cheeks before she looked away. Her blond hair ran across his chest and he drew her closer.

    "Are all demons this warm?" Flonne asked, raising her eyes to meet his again.

    "Nah, I just happen to be. Why do you think I never have a shirt on?" Laharl laughed. "It's not because I want to show off my body but because I get super hot in clothes."

    Flonne thought for a moment, if she could really call it that- her head was buzzing- and nodded. "That makes sense."

    Laharl didn't speak. Instead, he released the scarf from his grasp and gave a quick glance around. Flonne frowned; she knew that he didn't want to look weak in front of his vassels but it still hurt to be rejected.

    "Come on, before someone shows up." Laharl whispered, grabbing Flonne's hand in his fingers.

    He lead them through a secret passage way that lead behind all of his vassels, even Etna, to his bedroom. When they entered his room he snapped and the candles around his coffin-like bed flickered to life. He turned back to face Flonne and pulled her against his chest again.

    "Flonne..." He ran a shaking hand through her hair and bent his head to smell her hair. She smelled of cotton candy and Laharl's mouth watered.

    "You called me Flonne." Flonne smiled and hugged him close to her.

    "What else would I call you?" Laharl muttered, his head still dipped in her hair.

    "You usually call me a love freak, Laharl." Flonne moved her head around and pressed her lips on Laharl's cheek.

    "I, I'm sorry." Laharl's cheek tingled and he lifted Flonne from her feet and cradled her in his arms. "You bring out the weakest points in me, Flonne. I can't help myself when I'm around you."

    He stroked her hair out of her eyes and walked to his bed. Shifting Flonne's weight so he could support her with one arm he pulled back the blanket that covered his bed and placed her in the center. He placed his arms on either side of her head and gazed down at her.

    "It hurts to be like this Flonne... It hurts to love." He let his fingers drift over her cheek and once again lowered his head to kiss her.

    When he pulled away Flonne grabbed his arm and pulled on it. "Lay with me, Laharl."

    Laharl smiled and lowered himself to the right of her. When he had settled next to her, Flonne snuggled against his side. His arm slipped beneath her head and kissed her forehead. She gave a yawn and moved her hand up to rest at his scarf.

    Her blue eyes fluttered shut and Laharl looked over at her with a smile. He brough his free arm to wrap around her. Soon her breathing softened to a pace that told Laharl that she was sound asleep.

    "Good night, stupi-- Flonne." Laharl whispered into Flonne's hair before closing his eyes and falling asleep next to the only person he cared about. The only one who made his heart beat at uncontrollable speeds and the only one that made him wish that he'd found love before this.