• (Elizabeth) "This cant end... I cannot live without you. Your love is the air that I breathe, your touch fills my heart with much joy and still much sorrow. Your eyes can see through even the haziest of nights. My heart would collapse without your graceful touch seeing me through the toughest of times. If its not completely clear that I love you how can I make it?" (William stands there silent then looks up barely missing her watering eyes) Why?! Why can you not love me has much as you love her? Sure... her eyes ...her eyes they glow blue like the calm waters after a storm. And her hair frames her face in a cascade of a blonde waterfall...but ...but ..."

    (William) "Silence!!! You clearly are blinded by jealousy that you can not see my love you for you !!! I weep you leave my side. Smile when I hear your name, and...and when I sleep (Elizabeth lunges towards him embracing his warmth and the they passionately kiss.) (Fades into dark ness.)