• I didn’t bother to ask again he doesn’t like for people to worry about him. We both sat down at the dinner table and waited for Claudia to sit as well. When everybody was sat down we listened to Claudia give thanks for the food.
    “Thank you God for the meal we are about to receive and for always guiding us through the day.”
    Claudia and I both said amen. But Andreas was zoned out. I nudged him lightly with my elbow and he jumped up and yelled. “AMEN!!”
    We all laughed together and then ate our dinner.
    Claudia looked at Andreas with worried eyes. “Honey are you alright?”
    “I'm fine mom, just a little tired.”
    She blinked once and replied. “Are you sure? Do you need to go to the hospital you look sickly.”
    “No I just need a little rest.”
    I looked at the door, I swore I heard a knock but nobody else looked. Andreas got up and went to his room. Claudia cleared the table and started on the dishes while I was still sitting there looking at the door. Then I heard it again a small “tap tap” on the door. This was beginning to feel strange. I got up and walked to the door I opened it but nobody was there… I looked around outside and then stepped back in the house, shut the door and locked it. Then I went up to my room and sat at my desk to do some homework. I stared at it for a whole hour not knowing what to do because I paid no attention in class today. I sighed and leaned back against my chair. I felt a breath against my neck and stood up fast. I looked behind me and there she was… A girl with bleach white hair and light purple eyes. She was staring straight at me. I didn’t know what to do I was freaking out. My heartbeat became faster and I grew up the courage to speak.
    “Who… who are you…?
    Her lips creased into a petite smile and she spoke. “I am Levine, How D’you do?
    “Umm…I'm very well…but what I meant was what are you doing in here?”
    Levine looked at me confused. “You do not know? Well if you do not know this is very troublesome for me.”
    I looked at her nervously and asked again. “Why are you here?”
    She focused her eyes to mine. “I was sent by Her.” And she pointed t the sky. “You are the chosen one of Latrana, the home of the Goddess Marina.”
    I stared at her furiously I wanted to hurt her…but I couldn’t it would be wrong. “How did you get in here?”