• Once there was a boy that went by the name of George. He lived in a family of five. He had one big brother and one little sister. there names were, Haley at age 10 and James at age 15. His dad was the engineer at the local factory and his mom worked part-time at a local mall. Now Georges live was good until the age of about 11. He started middle school at ten cause his birthday was late. George was one of the top students at his school and had many friends... but there was something missing. One day a new girl came and George became friends with her fast. He really liked her but never did anything about it. Big Mistake. Soon he left his school and went to Florida. George had always enjoyed the snow, so moving to Florida was a big drag. Finally after about 3 weeks he started school and got really into a girl. Her name was Mallory He had asked her out a few times cause of the conditions of the time before it. one day at school George Had felt really depressing. So he spoke to no one. He had many friends but they were not noticing his sad condition. Soon, he never got a girlfriend and his parents were not even careing that he had been not talking and had gone emo. On the last day of school he told Mallory that he would kill himself, she thoght he was joking. Then He Jumped off the roof of the school that day at sixth period at the age of twelve he died. Suicidal cause no one cared.
    Let this be a lesson to everyone who reads this, never ignore your friends. Or our kids.

    Not a true story do not be alarmed by the Storyline