• Shadows fell from the sky, enveloping the world in total darkness. Creatures flooded out of great abysses beneath our feet. They took away what we cared for. My sister is gone, swept away in the madness. She vanished in a cloud of black smoke, leaving nothing of her behind. The Earth has become cold, the core frozen in ice and metal. Screams of fear and anguish came from all around me. Amazingly beautiful forests and grasslands and country sides became barren wastelands.

    I still have not died, or faded away like many of my friends. I do not know if I am the last or not. Everything has grown quiet. Not a single soul is in sight and nothing on my field of vision stirs. I walk what feels like miles upon of miles. Death seams inviting, sweet even. I was going to give up, just let the shadows swallow me whole. When I heard another cry. Just across a hill. It raised my spirits just enough to let me go across. At the top I found a welcoming sight. My sister and two boys lying at the foot of the hill, crying out the names of their loved ones. I ran down the steep slope, not caring about the pain in my knees, only wanting to be with my sister.

    My small band of survivors walked the vast, dark land in the look of shelter and more survivors. We found one elderly woman and a five year old boy, both hiding under a large redwood tree, having fallen during the dark beginning. As we all stumbled across the open space, not seeing one object taller than eight feet, we were attacked from all around us. None of them attacked anyone except for my sister. They pulled at her hair and clothing, trying to let a dark and menacing cloud overcome her again. She screamed and screamed about not wanting to go back. Enraged by these devilish creatures, I pulled them away from my only family and pushed them away from the few people that were in our group. Angered by my actions, the cloud swept over me. The evil creatures followed me in and started to bite at me, grabbing me with their claws, ripping my frail body apart. What felt like hours later the creatures vanished and the cloud evaporated into the air, leaving me with my weeping sister and the small band of people. My mind started to fade from this world, leaving it to go to another. Welcoming voices surrounded me, real or imagined, it did not matter. I looked to my sister and saw something that would have made me cry if I had any tears. Behind her the sun rose for the first time since what had happened. With the last few seconds of my life, I thought of the people around me. I smiled. They were like the light of the sun. They were the light that had survived, they are the light of the world. They were the ones who will start anew