• the darkness closes in, slowly, making its way toward me, the air gets thicker and harder to breath, a glow comes off him, a red flame? fire comes from his finger tips, and as he floats across the room toward me.... i want to run my mind tells me to get up and run, run far from here. But i couldn't, i look into the darkness unable to move like he had some kind of control over me. What was i supposed to do, if i touched him it would all be over, he would win. i couldn't let him get near me, and yet i wanted him to come so i could see into the darkness.

    I hear a sound, was it the darkness, no it was a girl, screaming and yelling my name, i try to answer but my throat swells up and i can't speak.

    all the while things feel like its going in slow motion, and then i see the girl she runs forward with some sort of light, tries to scare the darkness away

    the air is is hard to breath now im chocking on it, there was no way one little bright light, could scare off the dark evil.

    But somehow it did, it disappeared in front of me and i lay alone unable to move, the girl reaches me, and with her help i get up and walk home

    after that moment i knew i was what the darkness what's, i just didn't know why.