• I lay in bed crying. Knowing that i wont have you anymore. She has you now. I dont know what i did wrong. I try to figure it out. And then i start crying worse. I miss you its like you took my heart with you when you left. I hate her for it. But i shouldnt. All my friends call to find out whats wrong, but i egnore them. Then they come over and my mom lets them in and they come into my room. They say whats wrong just forget him. you are too good for him. I just block them out. And wen they keep it up i get my pillows and just start throwing them uncontrolably. They try to calm me and stop me and it dont work. I egnore them more and more. They strarted to leave one at a time. Then my bestest was left. She told me not to do anything stupid because so many people loved me. And that one guy cant change it. And she kissed me on the cheek and left. My crying started to slow down. Then i went to the bathroom. The first time i left my room in 3 days. I walk in and i look at my reflection. And i thought " what did he ever see in me anyway"? "He told me he loved me, was he lying"? I got over welmed by these questions as they kept coming and wouldnt get out of my head. I opened the cabinet looking for something but i didnt know. But when i seen it i knew. They were my moms sleeping pills. Half of me said yes and the other half said no. but the yes part of my body won. I went down stairs to kiss my mom, dad, sister goodbye. But they didnt know it. I started heading for the stairs turned around and took one last look at the wonderful family i had that would always be there for me. And my mom saw me... So i ran up stairs back to the bathroom. I took the hole bottle one after the other untill i started feeling sleepy. I hit the floor unable to move and the bathroom door slung open. It was my mom she said something but i wasnt able to make it out i was falling into a deep sleep. Then i was gone.

    I woke up in a place i never seen before. There were flowers all around me. Iknew i was going to hell for killing myself but i knew i wasnt there. I sat up and i had a bad headache i felt like someone hit me with a huge frying pan. Then i saw my dad sleeping in the chair holding my sister in his arms like she was still a baby. And right next to him was my mom. Even though they were asleep they were holding hands. A nurse walked in. And i asked her " who are the flowers from and how long has my family been here?" She said "the flowers are from all your friends, and your family hasnt left since you came in here wich was 3 days ago." Then i relized doing that to myself was the worst mistake i had ever made. I didnt know so many people loved me.

    The week after that we returned home. My room still filled with flowers. I went back to school the next day. And to my suprise no one was talking about me. Then i opened my locker and found a little note fall out. I picked it up and opened it. It was from him. It said " im sorry i made you do that to yourself, i love you, meet me at my locker after school." So i went to his locker and he was waiting for me. I took out the note not saying a word at all and crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. I said " read it and find out". So as i walked away he picked it up, and i turned to see his face when he read the three little words i had to say. And those words were... "Im over you"