• Chapter 1

    Sammi looked up at the sky and smiled. She pulled off the hood of her purple American Apparel hoodie and rain poured down, soaking her.
    "You really like the rain, don'tcha?" Her boyfriend, Stefan, said.
    "Of course," Sammi nodded, wiping her face with her sleeves. "It renews you."
    Stefan chuckled,"That's true."
    He gently brushed her soaking wet, dyed black side-bangs out of her eyes as they fell in a black heap on her face. Sammi smile-thanked him then giggled as her eye makeup ran down in streams on her face.
    "Clean yourself up,"Stefan teased.
    "Oh, please. You love it," Sammi mocked, wiping her face again.
    "I know I do," Stefan murmured, gently tugging on her hoodie, pulling her to him.
    Sammi bit her lip and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm glad to know that..."
    Stefan smiled before he kissed her; his thumbs in the loop of her skinny jeans. His jet black hair covered his eyes and they both smirked.
    "I'm soaked," Sammi whispered in Stefan's ear.
    "Ya think?