• it was dark, and the weather was calm. But something was out of the ordinary. The commotion was unbarring, the looks, the whispers...
    "Itsuko!" A shrill of an old woman's yell for her grandchild, whom stood in the street covered in blood. next to her lie her twin brother, shredded to the point no one knew who it was.
    "I am no longer whom i was named." the girl replied, with a much more mature voice, "No longer will i be imprisoned in this wretched place!"
    "What have you done to my grandchild!?" the woman exclaimed
    "That of which will happen to you if you choose to get in the way wrench!" yelled the girl. she wasn't her self, her eyes were hazed.
    the woman stepped closer to the girl, whom raised a blood stained knife. The girl brought it down to cut the woman, but stopped half way.
    "Wretched girl!" the girl exclaimed, "She awakened too soon!!!" the knife came down on the girls on neck, letting a line of crimson flow to her night gown, staining it with the liquids curse...

    I sat up in a cold sweat, nearly screaming.
    "Th...that nightmare again..." I mumbled pushing back tears. my scar hurt, it burned more and more as i dream about my wretched awakening. i killed my only brother, whom was half of myself. The village kicked me out, and my grandmother was burned for protecting me.
    there was a knock on the door
    "C...come in..." I stuttered
    "Are you ok...?" a familiar voice asked
    "Yes..." i answered him, "I had that dream again..."
    "I'll get you some ice.." He replied. he knew to well what i was talking about. he too was awakened. his power lets him see into other peoples dreams... and he watched mine...
    I looked out the window, it was still dark. I saw lightning and heard thunder, great... a storm... i thought to my self, i always hated storms. my brother always comforted me during them. its a fear i never got over...