• Kelsy stood by the window and watched as the rain poured. Once again she couldn't go outside. She sighed as she placed her hand on the window and shut her eyes. What seemed to be minutes she was interupted by her servent Nadya.
    "Mistress, it is time to brush your hair.." Nadya said scaredly.
    "If you must.." The young princess Kelsy said and turned to face her servent. After an hour of brushing Kelsy went back to the window and stared as she waited for it. What she wished for years she knew would happen. She could feel it in her.
    She would leave this terrible prison in hopes of adventure and action. She dreamed of it so much that she wasn't even alive in the real world. She was just an empty headed princess to everyone else, or so they thought. Many sorts of things we're in her mind though.
    She thought of many thing's everyday, only to be interupted by her terrible servents. Always afraid and untrustworthy to her. The rain finaly stopped pouring. Kelsy had waited so long for this moment, she said she was going for a walk as the gaurds surrounded her.
    She walked by the docks and soon enough there was the giant boat. She suddenly became scared, what would happen if she didn't make it. Usaly punished severly for little things, what would happen for this? Then she walked up to the captain of the ship and nodded. Things went so fast. Quikly her gaurds were taken out, she was pulled abourd the ship and then as if only seconds later in the middle of the ocean. For once in Mistress, no, now she was just Kelsy. For once in Kelsy's life she smiled as the wind hit her face.
    "This is my escape.." She said and shut her eye's.