• Chapter 1

    Sabine lifted the pen from the scrap of paper and sighed. Why will no one understand what I’m going through? she thought sadly. Knowing that no mortal could be permitted to read what she had written, Sabine ripped the paper to shreds and flung the severed pieces into the night sky. They danced in the wind before going their separate ways, never to be seen again. Just like my human family. They couldn’t accept me, so I was exiled. Nothing was ever the same…

    Sabine gritted her teeth and a flash of red crossed her eyes. She was thirsty, and the burning at the back of her throat was becoming unbearable. I… must… have… blood… She shapeshifted into her hunting form and leaped from roof to roof, her body silhouetted against the moon that lit the urban town she had slept in the previous afternoon. (Yes, vampires need their sleep during daylight hours.)

    Eventually, Sabine saw a flash of movement in an alleyway below. She sniffed the air, the delicious scent of human blood flooding her nose. I must have it… She looked down, her eyes locking onto her victim; an unsuspecting boy that was sneaking around, a can of spray paint in his hand. A vandal… Excellent…

    In one fluid movement, Sabine leaped down from her perch and landed on the boy, knocking him flat and slitting his neck with her sharp fingernails. She looked into his terrified eyes and smirked, both of them knowing that the boy’s life was about to end. She watched as small beads of blood began to form from the scratch in the boy’s neck, glistening in the moonlight. Sabine’s red eyes glowed with unbearable thirst, unable to resist any longer. She bent down and sunk her teeth into the wound, drawing a steady stream of blood into her mouth. The boy cried out in pain, then began moaning with delight, as a vampire’s venom triggered intense pleasure to make death a near painless and sensual experience.

    As Sabine kept sucking the boy’s blood, he grew weaker and weaker, completely overcome by the venom. His eyes faded to a lifeless gray color and his skin paled until it was stiff and cold. He looked into Sabine’s eyes; knowing that his life was over, but unable to resist the bittersweet pleasure death brought. He shuddered and drew one last breath, then drifted into an unending sleep, forever dreaming of the beautiful creature that had taken his life away.

    Once Sabine had completely drained the boy’s lifeless body of blood, she removed her mouth from his neck and looked sympathetically into his expressionless face, her thirst satisfied. What have I done? she thought, shuddering with disgust. Why must I be a monster? Why?! She licked the wound she had made in the boy’s neck and it healed instantly, sealed by her touch. I can’t help it if I’m damned to hell. She stood and turned away from the motionless corpse before leaping up onto a nearby rooftop, vanishing into the night.