• "All I ever needed was a friend. A best friend really. And I found You, in your gloom and self-pity. I mistook it for something it couldn't possibly be: admiration led to a one-sided adoration and I'm left the lonely fool without the companionship that I needed most desperately. I needed a best friend and I mistook you for one. Needs are left unattended to and a part of me is still waiting for you."

    She inhaled deeply, reading over her words to see if she left an emotion unuttered. She exhaled once she felt her heart drop into her stomach. Rushing to the fridge, she searched for icecream, not sherbet ,but real fatty icecream and came across nothing. She let her head tilt forward until her head touched the door to the freezer, sighing with her eyes closed. The icemaker jolted her back into awareness. The tumble of cold cubes made her cry, so she'd like to think. It wasn't the fact that her apartment devoid of homeliness. Nor was it the fact that she had been the only one to see its insides. Of course not; it was tumble of the cold cubes.