• As I regained consciousness after taking a harsh blow to the skull. I immediately realized that I was hanging upside-down. My feet were securely tied together, and there was about 10 feet of rope between me, and the old crane it was tied to. The situation didn’t get much better either. I was swaying left and right in the breeze coming from below. I didn’t dare look down, as it may have made the situation much worse than it already was. I figured the fastest way out would be to try to clammor my way up the rope. After trying to climb up I realized that there was no way I could get up on my own. I tried to relax, and assess my situation, but when I looked down things got worse, fast. Below me was a pitch black canyon. I strained my ears to pick up a sound from below, but all I could hear was the faint sound of air being sucked into this immense chasm. Why am I here? Who did this to me? These were all questions that I wished I had answers to, but I needed a way out. After a few more attempts to climb back up the rope, I noticed that about 6 feet in front of my face; there was a rock protruding out from the canyon's wall. I swung forward and missed my mark on the first pass. A second time, I managed to touch it, but on the 3rd time something happened that I did not see coming. All of my twisting and turning had weakened the rope holding onto my very life. I plummeted into blackness. I felt as though I was falling incredibly fast, but I had no clue as to if I was or not. All I remember was falling for what seemed to be 10 minutes, and landing on something incredibly soft. Almost like a giant foam mattress. At first I felt as though I was safe, but that notion began to quickly deteriorate. I sank about 20 feet into the soft cushion, but the slippery material it was made of did not rise back to it's position before I hit it. Soon I started to suffocate at the hands of the very entity that saved my life not more than 10 seconds ago. I gasped, but only got small amounts of air with each intake becoming smaller than the last. The smell then hit me. Whatever I landed in smelled like rotten meat, breathing was now not only difficult, but downright disgusting. It was so overpowering that I could taste it. In the penetrating darkness I reached for whatever I could, but there was nothing, and after 30 seconds of struggling for breath I finally blacked out and it appeared to be the end.

    Part 3 next week stare