• So I'm sitting at Harry's house on a chair waiting for him to get home. For once I decided not to follow him to work. Mostly because he has a really boring job. I hear a knock on the door and then I see Ginny get up to answer it.

    When she returns Neville is with her. And the next thing I know they are making out. Yes that is right Harry's wife is making out with another man on the couch. Ginny starts to unbutton Neville's shirt and then starts un-doing his belt. Neville is un-doing hers at the same time.

    And that is when I get the hell out of there. I walk quietly to the door and then open it quietly. As soon as I close the door I bolt. I start running. I don't even know where I'm going. I'm still trying to process what I just saw. Ginny is cheating on Harry with Neville Longbottom. Neville of all people. And that's when I realize where I'm going.

    I look at the huge building before I walk into it . I still have my cloak on. I go to elevator and click the call button. When the elevator doors open I walk into the elevator and click the button for floor four. I walk down the hall to the room I've been in many times. I stop in front of the door. After a few seconds I open the door.

    Harry looks up and then mumbles something about the stupid door. Harry gets up to close the door and I pray that he doesn't run into me of something. After he closes the down and goes back to his desk I watch him for a while.

    I start to wonder why I came here. The difference does it make. I can't tell him what I saw because then he will know that I was at his house watching his wife. He will think I'm some sort of crazy stalker. Well I am a crazy stalker but I don't want him to know.

    I sit there and think for a long time and then I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. I take off my cloak.