• Chapter 1
    Summer is here

    Its one minute to the final bell; to the finality of senior year. To think, four years have flown by, and me and my fellow assholes… uh I mean classmates, excuse me, are done. Four hellish years of high school finally over. Eesh, can this clock tick by any slower?

    I glance around the classroom, and notice everyone’s on the edge of their seats. Even teach seems to be counting down the seconds. Looking at everyone I can’t help but smile to myself as I’m thinking “thank god I don’t have to see you fools ever again”.

    To think, I’ve been with the same people for the past, well a little less than eighteen years, but you get the gist. It’s crazy, I look at everyone and I see our first grade class; amazing how even with puberty somehow everyone looks the same.

    In the front is the dork, the same as he ever was; short, glasses, oddly misshapen teeth. Hmm. Now that I think about it, he’s kind of a bad example of puberty changing people, since well the kid has never changed.

    Okay, who else, let’s see? Oh, hoe bag. Little miss fake blonde, big jugs and too much eye makeup. I think back to when she was a brunette and had a mild case of onion breath. Gosh, from like first through fourth grade, people gave her hell for it. I know it sounds mean, but I’m greatly saddened by the change in her; I’d take onion breath any day over miss bimbo who thinks ‘b***h’ is actually a positive trait.

    To the far left, I see class clown dude. I’ll give him one thing, he definitely holds true to the title, because as far back as I can remember, he’s always been the funny guy. Weird.

    I pretend to drop my pencil so that I can get a look at the back of the room. Yeah I know, a little weird, but I forget who sits back there, so I got to find out somehow. Don’t judge. I pretend to fumble around, trying to get hold of my pencil, while scoping out the peeps in the back.

    There’s the stoner clan, A.K.A. the I used to be shy nerdy losers, but now I think I’m hard/ badass ‘cause I smoke weed. Next to them, are your typical jock boys, hot, built, and totally dumb; and not too surprising everyone has and always will love them for it. Last but not least, there’s artsy guy; quiet, cute, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say a single word through our whole school career. I know, you’ve probably come to expect, and yes he is the guy I’m crushing on.

    Back when we did the whole Valentines card exchange thingy, there was one card that I got that just stood out, and sadly I still have to this day. It was from artsy guy; he made a card, cut out to be an alien holding a giant heart, and on that heart was three words that, yes cheesy as it sounds, stole my heart and left me speechless to this day: I love you. I was the only one that got a card like it, and since then, I’ve been artsy guy’s stalker.


    Oh right, guess I should pick up my pencil now. I feel myself start to turn red, and sink lower into my seat. Slightly embarrassing, but yeah that’s the story of my life.

    As I start to cool down, I sit and wonder what this summer will bring. Unfortunately for me, it won’t bring much. I’m not going to school, I’ll be working full time at fast food hell hole, and watching my life pass me by.

    Sadly, even compared to the bunch in this room, I’m looking like the failure at the moment. It seems like everyone is going off to colleges and universities, traveling, partying, just living life, and here I am stuck in boring town.

    I look up at the clock and there’s ten seconds to go. Funny guy starts his ritual last day of school count down. Everyone joins in, even teach is mouthing the numbers.

    Wow, this is really it. Good bye teen age angst and hello adult hood. Here begins the new chapter of our lives, whether exciting or not, at least it’ll be different. No more structure and bull s**t teen drama.

    5. 4. 3. 2….


    The sound of the bell is a god send. Everyone jumps up, papers are flying, thank gods are echoing through the hall.

    Peace out, sayonara, eat s**t and die, because summer is here.