• Fire, screams, water, cold, dark....
    where am I?
    I had a miniature mental battle in my head between reality and dreams. Eventually reality won. I was on a cold flat surface that was probably the ground. It was very dark. I got up and found that I wasn't chained or anything, not like last time. Last time? Why is my brain supplying me with information I don't understand? I tried to think of some possible reason for me to be stuck in a windowless room. Nothing. I couldn't remember anything for that matter. Then I heard voices outside the room.
    "She is unconscious I take it?" said a man's soft drawl.
    "Yes M'lord" said a deeper voice.
    "Good, see to it she is properly treated,"
    "Not to be allowed out of the room?"
    "No Emsah and must I tell you again to stop it with the stupid question's?"
    "Good No take care of the girl, we wouldn't want to be bad hosts. I will speak with her in a few hours"
    A set of footsteps retreated. and a door opened in my room. A silhouette of an enormous man on the threshold. His hair was red and his face expressionless. He walked in and lit some candles revealing the room that seemed so dark was actually adorned with velvet hangings and an enormous bed. "The master will see to you shortly, I will send a servant up with breakfast" he then promptly left the room, the door locked behind him.