• Remembering

    It was a stormy night. Mr. Hammers had just gotten a call from Ms. Emerald. Someone had stolen her diary, which held her family secrets about money and where the money would be. Mr. Hammers asked Ms. Emerald who she would expect to have stolen it. Ms. Emerald suspected her ex-husband might have stolen her diary. Mr. Hammers started questioning Mr. Mate. “Where have you been on July 7, 2009?” Mr. Hammers asked. “I was at my restaurant, getting ready for a party.” Mr. Mate answered. Mr. Hammers then interrogated Mr. Mate’s employees. He had told the truth. Ms. Emerald suggested asking her maid, Mrs. Riff. Mr. Hammers then asked Ms. Emerald why Mrs. Riff would steal her diary. “That clumsy maid married a poor man. She needs the money to support her family.” Mr. Hammers drove to the Riff residence sweating. Why was he sweating?

    Mr. Hammers rang the doorbell. “Hello. I’m not interested in anything you’re selling. I don’t have much money so thank you but no thank you.” Mrs. Riff said as she opened the door. “I’m detective Hammers and I would like to interview you.” Mr. Hammers said quickly before Mrs. Riff could close the door. Mrs. Riff then told Mr. Hammers that she had never known that there was a diary. This doesn’t make any sense, Mr. Hammers had thought, the clues don’t add up and I don’t remember where Ms. Emerald could have misplaced it. No one knew where Ms. Emerald’s diary was. Before I continue… I would like to warn you that the ending would be such a surprise. To remind the readers, this is a fiction story.

    Let us continue. Mr. Hammers was a sick detective. He would lose his memory every 1 hour. One hour he is a thief; the next hour he’s a detective. The criminal who had stolen Ms. Emerald’s diary was Mr. Hammers. He had found her diary on the floor of a hotel. Ms. Emerald had stayed at a hotel the other day. Mr. Hammers then started reading the diary and found out where the money was. He slipped the diary into his trench coat and walked away into his office. He had fallen asleep. Mr. Hammers was awakened by Ms. Emerald’s call. He had Ms. Emerald’s diary all along in his pocket. Only time will tell when will he remember to give himself up.