• Coffee,Cupcake,andLove

    When people are sick of the life they were given on Earth, they are put into a place where life is called paradise.
    "There must be a place where life is always relaxing, something I could really use."
    "Haven't you heard of the stories? Of that place where you don't even have to lift a finger?"
    "Oh you mean my dad's five-star hotel?"
    "Haha. And no! You really should listen to those elders we always visit at the center."
    "Well, stop talking let me at least eat. You should eat too you know."
    "Your such a pig. Let's go..."
    Mae and Jacob leave their food untouched.

    As the two best friends walk home, a building catches Mae's eye. The building is worn and all its windows are broken. "I've never seen this building before when we were walking." thought Mae. "HEY! I need to be home be sunset, Mae! Let's go! Stop staring at that freaky looking building." Travis yelled. They ran from the building. As Mae turns her head at the end of the street the building is gone...

    "Little Youngsters! What are you doing here soo early???" Grandpa Lee says. "Well, were here cause I have to leave early and Jacob wants to tag along with me, Grandpa" Mae answered. "LIAR!!! You said you want me to come..." Jacob shouted. "You two are inseparable!" Grandpa Lee laughed, "So let me tell you about the paradise life..."
    "I'm only here and not there so I can tell little people like you people." Grandpa Lee said, "So scurry on and enter the world with caution because people are telling me that the portal is open to those who want paradise are also the only ones that can see it. Let me tell you people that the portal can be disguised as the most beautiful building ever or...the most worn out building in the town." Mae's thoughts about the day before suddenly connected like a puzzle.
    "We have to go Grandpa. Thank you for the story!" Mae exclaimed. She started for the door. "BYE!" Jacob and Mae said in unison as they ran out of the center.

    "Keep up Jacob!"
    "Your going soo fast wait a second where are we even going???"
    "We have to visit that building we saw yesterday. Come On!"
    "And why is that? Can't we get some ice cream first?"
    "NO and were going there because...well...I think the portal's there..."
    "WHAT? The center is even uglier than that place! I think we should go to the hotel and just play video games"
    "Oh come on! Aren't you up for a little adventure? And hey you saw it right? Well, that means that you want paradise too!"
    "Fine! You win. Let's just hurry up so we don't get in trouble."
    They finally find the building and enter.
    Mae walks up the staircase and suddenly a door is swung open. Jacob and Mae squeal in unison. "Come on Mae, I'll protect you best friend." Jacob whispered. "Like that'll ever happen..." Mae thought. As they walked to the open door, Mae saw it. The portal. Mae walked toward it seeing all the possibilities pass through her mind. But the portal suddenly was sucking Mae in.

    "Give me your hand."
    "It's too late.....Good-bye..."
    "No it's never too late....MAE!?"
    Jacob stood there in a empty room, soundless, motionless, breathless, and alone...

    Mae enters a beautiful place but starts crying..."This is what you wanted. Correct?" a voice says.
    "Yes but my friends, family, AND Jacob!"
    "You must accept that life is unfair, the portal sensed that you did not want to live on earth anymore. You should give this place a chance."
    "Your right. I have to be happy..." Wiping her tears she now explored her new home.

    3 Years Later...

    "It was a great night Roxanne." Mae tells her friend.
    "Ya it was awesome because all the stars were out."
    "Well, I think I might go back to you know where."
    "Oh ok. Bye."
    Mae walked to the staircase in the middle of the land. The staircase would take her to her true home...Earth. She was so unsure about she was going to do. Should her life be filled with relaxing? Or should she go and see her friends she missed so much? She made her decision.
    She walked up the stairs slowly scared of making the wrong decision and as she climbed the stairs, she thought of her best friend, Jacob, she missed him the most. All the times they had, suddenly she had a flashback of what happened when she entered the building with Jacob. As she waited on the second last step, she had another flashback of her stay on this paradise land. But she climbed the last step and let time take care of everything.
    "Coffee miss?" a waiter asked.
    "Excuse me?"
    "Or would you like tea?"
    " Nothing please. Wait what's your name?"
    "My name is...Jacob."
    "Oh well...wait your name is Jacob???"
    "Yes miss why? And please hurry I have to get other people's orders."
    "Sorry but don't you remember me? I'm Ma..."
    "What's your name?"
    A thought in Mae's head-"You cannot tell others your real name or the portal will be closed to all that know or knew you."
    "MY name is Melanie."
    "Well nice to meet you Melanie but I have to go maybe we can talk after my work. You can wait here if you want."
    "Ok...I will...Jacob."
    In Jacob's head, there was an activation of the part Mae took with her when she had left him.

    "Hey Jacob...umm I know this is a weird thought but do you remember me?
    "Am I supposed to? Just kidding but you look familiar."
    "Ya...well I think I've seen your face before like in a concert crowd or something."
    "Well I don't know but thats just me you know? Why have you ever seen me or met me or something?"
    "I...well...I think I saw you somewhere too."
    "Oh cool."
    "Well I have to go now. Lots of places to visit and stuff."
    "I can go with you if you want."
    "Sure, just don't eat a lot or I'll call you a pig again."
    With a puzzled look and a thought in his head, Jacob followed Mae.
    As Mae saw the changes of her city and how her parents had moved to Utah, she became real happy Jacob was there for a shoulder to cry on. Jacob suddenly had flashbacks of his old friend Mae as he walked with "Melanie". Jacob felt like "Melanie" had brought back the piece Mae took when she left. Mae on the other hand was completely falling for Jacob. Well just a bit because she loved him as a best friend. They strolled through the new street built. Mae looked at the other side of the street, and she saw...the building. Jacob saw she was looking there with wide eyes and wondered if she knew what that building meant to him.

    "Let me tell you the truth okay?"
    "Ya why?"
    "Okay but I should tell you this...but I don't know how..."
    "Come on! I mean take as much time as you need."
    "Umm...you kinda....remind me of..."
    "Come s-spit i-it out..."
    "What's wrong? Are you nervous too thats why your stuttering?"
    "NO! Just say it!"
    "Well, you remind me of my best friend, and I kinda......."
    A sudden chilling wind crossed them and they realized it was already nighttime. "Let's sit over there." Jacob whispered and pointed at the fountain. The night was beautiful. It reminded Mae of her home in paradise.

    "So what were you going to tell me, Jacob?"
    "Have you heard of love at first sight?"
    "Of course! I always watch movies with it in it."
    "Oh ya, well here's the thing...I'm kinda...falling in love with you"

    Out of nowhere, the building collapsed down. They both jumped. Mae's way home, was...gone.
    "WHAT? That wasn't suppose to happen." Mae cried.
    "Wait a second what did you say?"
    "Ok fine now that I can tell you the truth I'm really.....MAE!"
    Jacob couldn't speak.
    Suddenly a voice boomed from where the building was.
    "Because you did that Mae, you shall never see the portal again!"

    When people are sick of the life they were given on Earth, they are put into a place where life is called paradise.
    "Hey you see that building Mae?"
    "Ya what about it?"
    "Well, Let's have some adventure in life and go in it."
    "No thanks I mean we might get in trouble."
    "Come on could this really hurt us?"
    Jacob walked up to the building and went inside, Mae followed unwillingly. Jacob crept up the stairs, scaring Mae when he turned around to see if she was still there. Their footsteps made a sound that convinced Mae that this place was about a hundred years old.

    "Hey look!"
    "JACOB NO!"

    Mae stood there alone and lost the other part that Jacob took with him.

    "I don't want to be here!"
    "Jacob it was your choice."
    "Ya right how can I get out of here? I want to be with Mae again!!!"
    "NO at least spend one week here."
    "As you said no I don't want to stay here let me go home or I'll just walk up this weird staircase!"
    "Go ahead but I should warn you, You will be going into time in the future."
    "Fine with me. I just want to go back to my friends."

    3 Years Later...

    "Hi sir. My name is Mae. Would you like a chocolate cupcake?"
    "No thanks...Hey wait a second. What's your name again?"
    "MY name is Mae sir. If you would like anything else just call my name. I must go and get the orders of others."
    Jacob tugged on her apron. "Wait don't you know me?" From this time Mae became scared. "Sir please I'll talk to later. After work okay?" Jacob, dissatisfied, waited for Mae. After Mae's work, they started to walk around the neighborhood.

    "Mae where were you born?"
    "Excuse me?"
    "Oh well you don't have to tell me...."
    "Okay, well i was born in this neighborhood."
    "Mae, did u have a friend named Jacob?"
    "Before I answer that... WHO ARE YOU?"
    "Mae...I'm Jacob."

    At that moment nothing happened, it was like the whole world stood still. Time and space was ruined. "What's happening?" Jacob yelled out. Mae was frozen her eyes full of happiness because of what Jacob had told her. A voice started calling out to Jacob.
    "Jacob, now heed my word. Your punishment for telling this young girl who you are is Changing the past. You must never become friends with this girl. If you do not do as I say, I will make this girl's life miserable and you will be there to blame." Jacob loved Mae so much, that he would never put her in such danger. He knew what he had to do.

    When Mae and Jacob had first met...

    Jacob had gone back in time and he was a little boy again. This was when he had first met Mae. Mae was skipping down the street and she was humming her favorite song. Jacob walked casually toward Mae.
    "Hello would you like to hum with me?" Mae questioned.
    Even if this had hurt his heart, Jacob growled, " Get out of my way. I don't play with little weak girls." Hearing this, Mae started to cry. Jacob wanted to put his hand around her and say sorry but he would not want Mae to suffer in the future. Mae ran away from Jacob. As she ran,Jacob whispered, "Good-bye...forever." Tears streamed down Jacob's face.

    As the years go by, Mae made a new friend. That friend became her new Jacob. She grew up to be a beautiful girl. She married the young man who also was her best friend. Jacob, knowing he would not have a future on Earth, returned to Paradise. Mae believed in God and she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Jacob was watching Mae from above in the stars. Jacob was like Mae's guardian angel but now...Jacob would watch Mae's newborn. That newborn was a young boy named...Jacob...

    The End.