• ***Kohai's P.O.V***
    When i first awoke on that beautiful dawn, with the sun pouring into the single musty window, close sounds of the busy street making home in my ears, i had no worries. Yet. At that moment i only smelled the strawberry shampoo of Azuri's hair, the soft red strands tickling my cheeks. His arm still rested around me locking me in his protective hold in a way that made me feel safer then any guard ever had. Even as i gazed down at him, his eyes closed and expression serine in his sleep, i only thought then of how beautiful he was in comparison to the other angels i knew. White winged angels and gold winged angels--weren't they supposed to be the lovely ones? Yet no one i'd seen could even compare to the black winged angel that now laid at my side. For the first few moments of my wake i simply watched him. His messy, feathery red hair brushed against his flawless skin. His free hand laid with his fingers near his lips, his nails painted black, the tattoo curling around his wrist. I didn't know how he could think waking up near him in this cozy place could be anything less then wonderful for me.
    Until, that is, i had a reality check.
    It caused my eyes to suddenly jerk wide open, for me to sit up straight, and for panic to seize my heart and cause it to race. It caused me to leap out of bed and run to the stuck window in sheer horror. Even more so when i saw the worst possible thing big and bold outside the window: The castle! My fingers gripped my hair and i fell back against the wall, sliding down and groaning in horror, one thought going through my head: What the hell was he thinking?! Azuri lived RIGHT next door to my palace! And i was the prince! The angels in the castle practically revolved around me--they'd notice that i wasn't there! They'd probably already noticed. Even now angels would be looking for me, and here i was right next door. Even if they didn't find me the people in town were bound to. I was having a bit of an emotional break down that morning, i must admit.

    By now Azuri was awake and he rose sleepily, rubbing his eyes and looking over at me. He yawned. "What's wrong? They find us?" Azuri asked in a sleepy voice. I tossed a glare at him.
    "No. But they will! You live right next door to the palace, Azuri, what were you thinking? You could have at least kidnapped me to a better hiding spot!" I let out on him. He just rolled his eyes and tossed a pillow at me, laying back down.
    "Could have. Didn't. Get over it--it's not like you'll be the one in trouble if they find us anyway." Azuri said indifferently. I stared at him in shock. I then went over to him and hit him with the pillow he'd tossed at me.
    "Have you lost your mind? Do you know what they'll do to you? They'll kill you Azuri!"
    "You carein' about me?" Azuri teased, opening an eye and looking at me. I ignored him.
    "Why? Why'd you do it? You must have known what would happen--why would you put yourself in that danger?"
    Azuri closed his eyes again and settled into his blankets. After a moment he shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides if i died it wouldn't be the worst thing. Life may be all fancy dinners and jewels up where you're used to but down here no one cares if one of us drops dead."
    I didn't have anything to say to that. Half of me wanted to hit him with a frying pan for being so stupid, but the other half wanted to kiss him all over for taking me away from my shiney version of hell. The two halves compromised with me just sitting on the ground next to his bed and trying to be okay with the new threat to both my and Azuri's life.
    I didn't want to go back. I didn't. Ever. I wanted to stay here...
    Azuri seemed to remember something as he sat up with a gleam in his warm topaz eyes. He grinned down at me briefly, then messing with my hair and hopping out of bed. I tossed him a glare that turned into a look of curiosity as he began looking around his closet.
    "Are we giong somewhere?" I asked half hopefully.
    "Sure are. I want to show you the worst invention ever." Azuri said, taking off his shirt as he found a new one he liked. I blushed as i felt myself get kind of excited. As he slid on his new metallic colored shirt with a HIM logo on it i caught sight of another tattoo on the right side of his stomach. I didn't get to see what it was before it was hidden. He saw me staring and grinned again, flipping his messy hair.
    "Like what you see, kid?"
    I looked away, hiding my blush. "S-shut up."
    Azuri finished dressing and gave me some of his smaller clothes to wear so i didn't have to walk around town in my pajamas. But i was worried about two things: One, what if one of the people in this city recognized me? Two, "What's the worst invention ever?"
    Azuri had opened the door, and at the question he turned back to face me with a smirk. He said two words: "The bus."

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