• Oh. My. God. I never knew that this could happen to me....

    "I'm so stuffed!!" I said to my friend Kendrick.

    "Maybe you should lie down for a minute; that'll probably help," he suggested.

    This is all I could remember: One minute I'm in the bakery; thirty minutes later I'm in the ER.
    And now here I am in a queen-sized bed at my friend Kendrick's place looking like a blimp!

    "Owwwww! Kenny!" (That's my little nickname for him.) "Heeellllpppp meeee," I called down the marble hallway. (He lives in a mansion!)

    "Don't worry, Azura. I'm coming," he replied. As soon as he walked through the oak door with his black shoulder-length hair floating behind him, with beautiful mismatched eyes (purple/blue to be exact), I blushed scarlet. Don't let him see you blush, you idiot! Kendrick had a look of shock, admiration, amazement, awe, and a hint of love thrown in (although I didn't see it at first).

    "Well, well, well. Looks like someone's gotten better! You're almost back to your old self!" He announced.

    "Really?!?" I said, surprised. Now all I have is just one more night like this, and I'm back to normal. Thank God.

    The next morning sunlight flooded the mansion and the smell of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes filled the air (and my nose) as Kendrick shouted, "Azura! BREAKFAST!!!"
    As soon as he he sauntered into my room (one of the ten guest rooms), his beautiful jaw dropped. All the way to the floor.

    "AZURA!! You're back to normal!! I can't believe it..." he said as he floated to the ten foot-high, columned stone dining hall complete with a mahogany table with a red velvet tablecloth. I sat next to him in one the many giant chairs that were also at the table and looked down at myself: slender milk chocolate skinned arms, slender tapering fingers, oval face, my brown eyes that were no longer bloodshot; my solid-yet-slightly-curvy body was back, and my hair wasn't wild anymore; it reached to the middle of my back--- just the way it should. Suddenly, I heard someone whispering in my ear; it was Kendrick.

    "I should have told you this a long time ago..." There was a nervous pause. With a slight tremble in his voice, Kendrick whispered, "I love you. I think you love me, too. And don't try to hide it; I saw you blush before I went to check on you yesterday. Answer me this: do you truly love me back?"

    Uh-oh. I knew that this day would come. I took a deep, cleansing breath, mustered up all that I had and simply sighed, "Yes."

    "Come with me; I have something to show you. I think you might find it a bit of a.....surprise." Kendrick smiled. He took my hand and led me up three flights of polished marble stairs to a chamber....Filled with gorgeous dresses, books, perfumes, and an elegant canopy bed!

    'Don't babble like an idiot, Azura.' I thought to myself.

    "Go ahead," Kendrick said as he ushered me in. "Try on a dress. You can keep it if you like! I'll wait here to see how it looks on you."

    I nervously undressed in front of Kendrick, blushing at his gaping, awestruck stare. I cleared my throat lightly and he apologized and turned his head to give me some privacy. The dress I slipped on was a beautiful silk ebony that reached my ankles with sleeves that cut at the elbow. When I showed my dress to Kendrick, his jaw dropped....again!!

    "Y-Y-you l-look lovely, Azura. Maybe you should t-try on some perfume..." He stuttered as he saw me modeling the dress. Suddenly, he stopped me and said, "Wait here. I have another.... surprise for you." Kendrick said mysteriously.

    What surprise will he bring me? Find out in my next story!!!