• Happy endings are so overrated. I mean really, who has the perfect life? Then again, does it really matter what we do on this earth the short time we're here? These questions flying through my mind are the aftermath of another day of my life that has been ruined.

    My name is Marie and I hate my life. My mother died when I was young, then my father died, leaving me with Stefani, my stepmom. Then eventually she remarried to Richard, who's okay. That's not it, after my father's death I slowly, well actually, quite rapidly grew apart from my friends. Now, Im a disturbed, lonely 17 year old who has no family.

    "Marie. You should try to understand. Stefani has an anger problem, she can't help it." Still standing outside the door Richard starts his plead for peace.

    Hopeful Richard. Always hoping for peace in this disaster called a family. Like I mentioned, he's not too bad, but Im not going to jump into his arms and start confiding in him or anything. I mean, he actually married the world's ugliest walking Barbie doll.

    "Oh Richard you moron, maybe you should try to understand! That brat doesn't deserve any pity, she should have died with her father!" Stefani shouts at ppor Richard, midway up the steps.

    "Okay, nice you feel that way, is it supposed to phase me?! But I suppose you want me out so Im going, don't wait up mommy!" I grab my guitar and leave. I guess Im sleeping in the park tonight. Fourth night in two weeks.

    "Stupid......crazy evil woman. I hate her so much, I wish she would just go d-" Then I stop, in mid rant. Some guy is sitting under my tree with a guitar. My tree. That's where I sleep! But look at him, he looks like one of those brain-dead jocks that hang around girls like the evil Claire like flies. Long story about her. Anyways....oh my God why am I thinking about him? I mean I don't even kn-

    "Hello. You play too?" This guy is actually talking to me? With my black and purple hair? And my entire black wardrobe? Why isn't he buzzing around the preppy girls?

    "Uh, yeah. Ever since I was little" I hold up my deep, royal purple guitar with the black slash designs on it. Imediately I release it, flustered, my guitar must freak him out too.

    "Zack Farren. You are?" He offers a large hand with the sleeve of his jacket slightly showing a.....a spike bracelet? Now Im shocked. He just doesn't look like....a person like me, who would wear one. The only guys I see wear them are the geeky goth and emo boys.

    "My name is Marie Eler. Nice to meet you." I shake is warm hand that almost completely consumes my .....I guess you could use the term fragile, hands. I also notice the different tones. He has a tan from living in the sun I guess. Still, Im paler than most people. Sadly it fuels their pitifully unimaginable minds with ideas that Im a vampire.

    "What brings you here? I guess you don't know but I have spent more than my fair share of time under this tree. Sitting and watching the stars. and listening to my playing of course. It's just not that good. Do you come here often?" I blush at my sudden talkative gestures. I haven't spoke more than two sentences at a time to a person in......well it's actually been quite awhile. It feels kinda....natural speaking with this boy....Zack.

    "Really? Then I guess it's time you start sharing." Suddenly he pulls me down so Im sitting right beside him and he's facing me.

    "Actually, I just moved here Saturday. I came here from Dallas, Texas. And so far, everything has been going pretty good, except maybe switching schools. I had a bunch of pals back home, but Im hoping to make some friends here. I won't officially start school tomorrow at....uh...Brawell Highschool. So, since Im not starting till' tomorrow, do you want to be my first friend?" He flashes a innocent smile and Im starting to understand him. Right now he's a loner. Like me.

    "Uh sure. You'll be my first friend too. I have none." Wait, what did I just say??!

    "What do you mean, surely you have a flock of friends, I mean you don't have to be nice to the new guy, I knew I was taking chances by talking to one the really popular girls. Im sorry,..I just..I don't kno-" Zack looks down, flustered and starts fiddling with his thumbs.

    "Wait, what?! You think Im one of them??!! Yeah right! I have no friends! To those girls Im the freaky goth girl. A loser." I stand up as I interrupt him, practically shouting at him. I mean what does he mean? I look like a freaky loser.

    "What? I mean I just knew all those popular girls are really pretty and stuff..." He looks down again as he trails off, red faced.

    "So we losers are supposed to be ugly? Thanks! That really helps my self esteem." The stinging red creeps over me. Im actually arguing with him, like we're old friends or something. This is too weird. I need to leave.

    "No, wait! Im sorry. Im lonely, confused, and if you really are a loser like me, then can we be friends?" He looks up, his red face is completely honest. I mean, I don't think i can say no to his pleading face.

    "Fine, but if you call me an ugly loser again, our friendship is over. Now, I really need to get back home. See you soon." I give him a reassuring smile.

    "Wait, that's not what I-" He looks a bit alarmed. What is wrong with him, it was a joke!

    "Just forget it." I sigh then walk away with a smile.

    For me to have made a friend, I have no idea what mysterious force caused it. But, Im happy it did. Im friends with Zack Farren. I just hope it lasts.