• Chapter 1

    It was late past midnight and I had to walk home. I decided to take a short-cut throw the woods…………..

    -“Crap why did I have to leave the party so late.” I said to myself. Then I noticed a man behind me, he dressed in a black jacket and a Yankee hat. I started speed walking thinking that will have gotten me out of there faster, but he just did the same. I got scared and began to run dropping everything I had in my hands.

    As I ran I tripped on something I waited for my face to hit the ground but something held me up, it was a man, he wore a white leather jacket and black boots, he had shoulder length hair and looked no older than 20. I looked up at him trying to hold back my tears and pleaded – “please help me a man is trying to hurt me.” The man from behind me yelled – “You won’t escape me girlie.” I shivered and the man in front of me bribed –“I could get rid of him for a price.”

    I thought about it and got nervous in the process finally I answered. –“Ok but if you pull anything, I swear...” I began to threaten the man, but then stopped, he was my only hope. He smirked and then gave me a few instructions. –“turn your back to us and put your hands over your ears.” He said in a serious tone.

    At first I did as he had ordered me but I couldn’t help it, so removed my hands from my ears and heard a loud screech, I panicked and turned to see what had happened.

    I saw the man’s hat next to his head that was now separated from his body, laying on the ground surrounded by his blood. “He killed him and I would be next”, I thought while the man in white glanced at his bloody hands. The man dressed in white then licked his bloody hands clean. I was in shock but I didn’t want to show him fear. Without thinking I asked –“W-What are you?” –“There’s no need to fear me.” He answered in a sincere voice. Suddenly I was on my knees and everything went black ………..

    Chapter 2

    I woke up in a dark room, the only light I saw came from the moon that shone against the window, and there he was sitting in a very comfortable position. As soon as he noticed I was awake he lit a candle, I was in a gigantic room, the color of the covers of the bed I laid on where silky red, there was a immense closet next to a mirror it was beautiful. He started to walk toward me with a plate of food in one hand; he was 1foot away from me now, right in front of the mirror when I noticed he had no reflection. –“Y-you have no reflection.” I stuttered in a whisper. Then unexpectedly I ran bursting out of the room, I ran down a set of steep old fashioned stairs, as I rushed down the steps I must of missed one and almost fell but again as I was waiting for the sharp stairs to hit my body he held me up and I fell against his chest.

    -“Sometimes humans do stupid things, you run off when there’s a whole party here that can drain your body of blood in a matter of seconds.” He said sort of disturbed. Then I heard two female voices come from behind me, I turned back to a watching crowd but focused on two women standing in the front row. –“Hello, Claire and Mabel.” He said in a friendly tone. Both ladies did some type of curtsy. One had perfect braids and beautiful blond hair, and the other short white hair. The one with braids curiously asked, -“Is that for the party?” She pointed in my direction. The man that still held me in his arms rapidly answered “No.” In that instant both women asked the man that held me “Will you dance with us?” in flirty voices. He politely answered –“If time allows me.” Both females gave me a dirty look that made sink my head deeper into his chest, he chuckled.

    He took me into the room I had been in before and started speaking, while I sat on the bed hopeless. –“You owe me.” He began...
    -“You shall attend every celebration; every dance, every gathering and you also shall do as I say. Also we will be making a whole new wardrobe for you.” He instructed. –“WHAT! So I’m assumed to be your slave.” I snapped at him, really pissed. He just looked at me till I calmed down. He took the plate of food he had in his hand before I had ran off and placed it on my lap. He began to speak again. –“If you ever run off like that again my anger will over power me and I shall not show pity has I did today.” He threatened me. –“Oh and by the way my name is Tristan.” He said. I rolled my eyes and looked away. He laughed. Then he left the room locking me inside. I sighed thinking of what he had said to me before he left. -“I guess I do owe him.” I said to myself. I ate most of the food he had left for me and then fell into a deep sleep……

    Chapter 3

    When I woke a plate of food waited for me on a pleasant coffee table that I had not seen yesterday. I was starving but I refused to eat before brushing my teeth or bathing. Minutes later Tristan walked in the room, -“Good morning, umm what’s your name I don’t believe you’ve told me?” –“Ivett.” I whispered. -“Well Ivett you must get ready today we will be attending a ball everything you need is in that bathroom.” He pointed to a door next to the closet. When I entered the bathroom I saw a beautiful white and sky blue dress on a hook next to the shower. The entire room was painted in gold it was beautiful.

    Once I was ready, I rushed out of the bathroom and to the plate of food that was still placed on the coffee table. An hour later Tristan walked in and stared at me in a way I’ve never been looked at before. –“Are you ok?” I asked scared. –“Yes I’m well is just that you look beautiful” He answered passionately as I blushed. –“Thank you” Was all I could say.

    He led me down the steps I once slipped on as everyone greeted him. We danced all evening till he decided he wanted to go some place quiet. He escorted me back up the steps to a room next to the one I slept in. It looked like a library; there was a desk at the end of the room.
    -“Take a seat.” He instructed. I sat on a chair in front of the desk and he sat on the one next to mines. –“Shall we talk?” He asked as I nodded.
    -“Ivett...” He began but I cut him off.

    –“Tristan why do you want me here?” I asked hungry for the answer. –“I don’t know.” He answered in an odd tone; it was almost like he did know. –“You’re lying, you do know. Tell me now!” I demanded. –“I’m a vampire I don’t have to tell anything!” He shouted aggravated. I stud up with my back toward him and began to cry.
    I felt his hands touch my arm to turn me around. He hugged me to his chest and began to apologize as he looked down at me. –“Ivett I’m sorry please don’t cry.” I looked up and into his eyes with tears still in mine. As we both looked into each others eyes, I lightly pecked his lips. I kissed him again this time he kissed me back, to my surprise now his tongue explored my mouth as mine explored his. I pulled away after a while for air while stared at me like he had before. –“Ivett it’s pretty late, it’s pretty late you should get some sleep.” He whispered. “I’m not tired.” I said as I leaned in for a kiss. He pushed me away with an immense force; out of the blue books are falling on me. His hands reach out towards me and carry me off to my bedroom.