• Human Race
    My name is Simone. You would have thought I made this whole story up. But I didn’t, it’s true. You will probably think it is over the top and unreal. Sadly, you are wrong, I don’t lie. I never have lied in my life and I never will. This is all true…
    It all started that cold December’s night. It was Christmas Eve and my younger siblings were asleep upstairs while I was putting out cookies and all of the presents.
    “What’s the point, ma’?” I questioned her, sighing as I put down the milk and cookies. “Santa, elves, reindeers with flashing red noses aren’t real. Actually, no magical creatures are.”
    “Simone, remember when you used to believe in all the magical stuff? Can’t you let your sisters Magda and Wendy go through that phase, also?” She shook her head in disappointment.
    “Fine, but it’s pointless.” I groaned.
    Twenty-six minutes later I placed the last of the presents under our fake, white Christmas tree. I sighed, happily and walked upstairs. Half-way up the stairs I heard a loud bang. I heard my sisters scream.
    I ran at my best speed and into their room. I flicked on the bedroom light. Wendy was sitting sobbing with a horror-struck look on her face. “M-man k-k-killed Mag-g-da and t-took her a-away.” She murmured into her knees.
    “Don’t lie, Wendy.” I paused and looked around. “Magda! Come out where ever you are! Magda?”
    “She’s g-gone.” Wendy wailed.
    “Where!?” I demanded.
    “I don’t know.” She buried her head deeper into her knees and wailed.
    I walked bravely towards her and comforted her. We both looked up, scared, when we heard our mum screech. “Go hide, quickly.” I whispered to her and ran down stairs.
    “Mum?” I shouted. She was nowhere to be seen. What was happening?
    I heard footsteps behind me. I froze and my breathing went quicker. Little hands tugged on my arm, I sighed with relief. “I told you to hide, Wends.” I whispered.
    “Where’s mummy?” She whispered back.
    “I don’t know.” I crouched down beside her and hugged her tightly while tears trickled down both of our faces.
    “Will we be okay?” She said softly.
    “Yes, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” I patted her back soothingly. “We’d best go down to the police station and report this.”
    She nodded and grabbed onto my hand. “I love you, Si.” She sighed as we walked through the streets.
    “Me, too.” I whispered through my tears.
    2. EMPTY
    We walked into the police station to an empty office. Where was everyone? I looked everywhere while my sister was clutching onto my arm. She was pretty scared so I had to soothe her from time to time.