• Mangu was placed on a very nice polished throne like chair, in front of him was a very nice posh wooden table. Guards stood Beside him, there guns resting on there shoulders.
    "Make this fast, I got stuff to do!" Said a voice behind the door he came from.
    "Its Mangu Sir, we have got him in costody".
    Then, there was silence.
    Then, the door opend and two men came out, they were both wearing black suits and had guns resting on the shoulders like the Guards did, they stood both ends of the door and welcomed in a man, It was the gangs leader, PoshFace.
    He was wearing a Golden Suit and had black hair in a ponytail.
    He had Very dark brown eyes and had a ciggeret in his mouth, he took out a Ciggeret lighter and lit it.
    Mangu Clenched his fists and stared into his devil like eyes.
    "Mangu, what happend to you?" "You happend to me!"
    He slammed his hand on the table. "You killed my family when I was a young boy! I was only 4 and you bargged in with your friggen Ciggeret lighter and burnned down our house! What do you expect!?!"
    Posh leaned forward and did a hand sign to the guards, immidietly, they all pointed there guns at Mangu.
    "I shall tell you! After you burnned down the house, I ran, I ran for miles, past mountans, over deserts untill I was 14. Then, I stopped. I stayed in a hotel untill i was 18, then...then I got a hou-" "Yeah, I know this bit, you settled down in your own home, got a wife, and then good old me burnned down the house and you started to run again, right?" Mangu stood up. "Guards, Kill him if he moves again!"
    He sat down. "So tell me, what did you do next?" "I stood and fighted, but that got you involved!"
    Posh smiled, he stood up and got a piece of rolled up paper and gave it to Mangu, it said 'Mangu Tasku has to join the VampireGaze and preform skills to his master, PoshFace until he dies.

    Klaski Tasku