• tab The sound of Jake's voice jolted me back to the present.
    tab "Huh? What?" I looked at him.
    tab "I said, what are you thinking about?"
    tab "Our first kiss..." I said, a smile pulling at my mouth.
    tab i heard him move in the darkness. "Oh really......" I didn't need to see his face to know he was smiling, I could hear it in his voice.
    tab His hand found mine and he pulled it to his mouth for a soft kiss. I snuggled closer to his chest. "I love you Jake, don't ever leave me.." I whispered into the darkness.
    tab His lips found mine and he kissed me gentle. "Serena, I could never leave you, you hold the key to my heart....."

    tab After I was fully changed into a Shadow, some disturbing news came. I was only half Shadow. I was a day-walker, an impure. Because Shadow blood is made up of both guardian and vampire blood, my human blood complicated things.
    tab Well, I guess it also helped, I wouldn't have to tell my family, and I could see my friends easier. And I only had my fangs and claws on the night of the full moon. I was also the strongest on that night....