• I walked through the door looking for Aiden only to find him passed out on my bed I stared at him. His face was so untroubled when he slept. The worries of the real world couldn’t touch him when he slept. I carefully ran my fingertips across the soft planes of his face. Reflexively his hand shot out to capture mine; his eyes opened and I froze, caught. Sitting up, he didn’t let go of my hand but pulled me closer. His eyes were serious. They gleamed with something I’ve never seen. Before I knew what was happening, he leaned forward and his lips met mine in a sweet caress. Pulling back, I didn’t know what to say or do. The doorbell interrupted anything I might have said; Aiden went to go answer it. I sat on my bed, and then I heard the squeal. Brianna's annoyingly high voice came ricocheting off the walls. I walked out and saw Brianna wrapped around Aiden. I just looked at him with a bored expression and returned to my room, closing the door so I wouldn't have to listen what they were talking about. A few minutes later I could hear raised voices outside. I tried not to eavesdrop, I really did, but I couldn't help it! My body just started to gravitate toward the door and my ear just happened to be pressed against it.

    "Aiden, you haven’t told her? She needs to know, and I want her to move out. You don't need her. You'll have me!" Brianna said with a commanding voice.

    "Well Brianna, I’m sorry I just can’t leave her. The group needs her, she keeps us all together, and I…never mind. Besides, you can't tell me what to do. The wedding hasn't taken place yet and I don't need you, Anna Lee takes care of me better than you ever could." Aiden said with an icy tone. Brianna was obviously fuming because there was a long silence. I wondered what would happen next.

    Finally Brianna spoke in a hushed whisper; I tried in vain to press my ear closer to the door. "You what, Aiden? You need her? You’ve never needed anyone. Isn’t that what you said before you left? She's going to find out; why don't you just tell her? It will be better if she heard it from you; you know how things are after going through several people. You'll just break her heart, and then she'll leave you forever. Is that what you want? For her to find someone else." Wait, whose side is she on anyways.

    Aiden didn't say anything, did he even care? Why isn't he saying anything? I opened the door and walked out, realizing I still clutched the towel wrapped around my body. I would have paid to have the look on Brianna's face on photo. She obviously took in the fact I was wearing only a towel; suddenly she slapped Aiden and walked out.

    "You heard?" Aiden looked at me as he rubbed his cheek, which was now turning red.

    "Yeah. So, what's going to happen now? Are you going to leave me?" I tried to stop the tears welling up in my eyes. The effort was fruitless because the tears came rolling down my cheeks anyways. I didn't want to seem weak in his eyes, like I depended on him. In truth I did; I needed him, more than he would ever need me. He had been by my side for so long I couldn't see my life without him. I loved him. He pulled me to him and I laid my head on his chest and wept. He didn't say anything, just wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

    I don't know how long I stood there, wrapped in his warm embrace, but soon my tears were spent and he looked down at me. For a long time he just stared at me, then he started to lean closer. I went into panic mode and closed my eyes, but only our foreheads touched. "Are you ok now?" His voice was a low whisper that sent chills down my spine.

    "Yeah, I'll be all right. Thanks. You’re not bad at the whole comforting thing."

    "I try," he said with a smile," but you should get to bed. You look really tired, plus you need to put some clothes on." Confused by what he said I looked down, realizing I still was only in a towel I started to blush furiously as I walked to my bedroom.

    "Night!" I called to Aiden when closing my room door.

    "Night." He said closing his door too. When I was safely behind my door, I slid down the wall, remembering the warmth of his embrace. Sighing, I could still feel the strength of his arms pulling my closer to him. His arms make me feel he would protect me, no matter what, and nothing could harm me when I was in his arms. I loved the fact when he held me it seemed like everything was going to be alright and everything would work itself out. I wish I could stay in his arms forever. Shaking myself out of my stupor and sitting up. I opened my dresser, looking for some clothes to wear to bed. Pulling on a tank top and pajamas pants I slid into the cool sheets of my bed and slept.

    Shaking myself out of my stupor, I sat up and opened my dresser, looking for some clothes to wear to bed. Pulling on a tank top and pajama pants, I slid into the cool sheets of my bed and slept.
    Refreshed from my dreamless slumber, I stood stretching my muscles and walked to my bathroom, intent on taking a shower, undisturbed. I turned the water on, and stepped under the warm spray. I finished showering and grabbed the towel sitting next to the tub. Wrapping myself in it, I walked to my closet wondering what to wear to school that day. I pulled down my cutest pair of jeans and the perfect shirt that showed just a little of my midriff and dressed myself. Returning to my bathroom, I dried my hair and pulled a brush through it, getting all the tangles out. Afterward I pulled it into my signature high ponytail and walked out to the kitchen. I was walking through my bedroom door when I noticed Aiden sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hands. There must be something wrong; Aiden never wakes up till I have breakfast ready.

    "Anna Lee, we need to talk." He had dark circles under his eyes; he hadn't slept at all last night.

    "What's the matter...the last time we 'talked' it was bad." I pulled out a chair in front of him and sat down.

    "Anna Lee, what happened last night, it was a mistake, and I went against my better judgment. I shouldn’t have led you on. We can't be together, I have a fiancée."

    I sat there paralyzed, shocked from his words. My face became blank then I stood up and walked straight past him and into the kitchen to make some food. I could feel his eyes on my back, following my every move, waiting for me to explode, but I didn't. I finished making breakfast, put his plate in front of him and picked up my backpack. Opening the door, I looked back; Aiden was still staring at me. I walked down the stairs and hit the ground running. I didn’t know where I was running to, but I knew that if I stayed around, I wouldn’t be able to face him.