• [Trek]

    My laugh was weak and shaky. “You’re not serious, right?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.
    Ennel gave me a cold, hard stare.
    I leaned against the wheel that was in front of me, it connected to a pole in the middle that comes from the bottom to the top. We were still in the ride. This is our second time on it. “Why’d you pick me? Of all people, why me?”
    “Because you’re different” he says. “All the older people act the same to me. Some show fake kindness and are kiss-ups, others want you to be perfect and expects great things from you”
    “I could go under either of those categories” I grumbled.
    “No, you couldn’t. You’re too idiotic, reckless, and you do whatever you feel like doing”
    “Ha, funny, my brother says the exact same thing to me” I sighed. “I should’ve ditched you at the candy store—oh wait! How would you know that’s what I’m like? We weren’t together that long!”
    “You got sent to a time-out pin for eating candy when you didn’t have any money—idiotic. You purposely made those thugs in the alley mad—reckless. And the last one speaks for itself”
    “Okay, so my personality is off, you could find anyone like that anywhere”
    “I don’t want anyone else”
    “Why notttt?” I whined. “What’s so great about me, anyway?”
    He paused, thinking about it. “When we were at the time-out pin, the worker there said you should act your age. Then you said that you didn’t care about acting your age. That’s when I decided to go with you because…I don’t want to take orders at home anymore. I don’t want to learn about anything. I don’t want special treatment or be talked to formally just because I’m a Revaltos. I never even disobeyed or acted bad, but you had no problems with that at all, you did what you wanted for you, not for anyone else” he touched his pin. “And the best thing is that after I told you who I was, you still acted the same towards me”
    There was an awkward silence. It took me awhile to come up with something good to say. “You think to much, kid” maybe it wasn’t so good.
    He tilts his head a little, confused.
    “Don’t you ever…scream? Just forget everything and have fun?”
    He shakes his head. “I’m not allowed to do those”
    I gape. “What kind of monsters wont let a kid do those?”
    He opened his mouth to reply but I grabbed hold of the wheel and started turning it, making us spin.
    “Don’t be such a cool head!” that’s what I say to Kert when he refuses to have fun. “Help spin, too!”
    Ennel didn’t help me spin the wheel, and he didn’t say anything, didn’t scream, either. I thought that it was because I was turning the wheel slow so I made it go way, way faster—or was it because I was going too fast?

    We were off the ride now. I patted Ennel’s back as he leaned over the trash can, puking. People who passed by slowed and stared and him, but they quickly ran away as I gave them a dirty look. I’m glad Ennel put his pin away or else things would’ve been a lot worse.
    “Um, here” I handed him a tissue that I got from one of the food stands.
    “…thanks…” he took it and wiped his mouth then tossed it into the bin.
    I chewed on my lip, thinking of something to say. “I’m uh…sorry about the ride…you know…”
    He wouldn’t look at me. “It’s…alright” he barely said much at all.
    I took a deep breath and exhaled. “You never puked before, huh? Is that why you’re acting like this?”
    He was silent, his ears and cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
    I chuckled, patting his head. “You’re such a little kid”
    He looks at me, and for the first time, smiles. “Thanks, thanks! Nobody ever tells me that I’m a kid, they always say ‘he’s so mature’ or ‘what a fine man’ so thanks!”
    I wanted to laugh at that but I got jealous instead. “Lucky you! I want people to call me that. Instead, they say ‘you are so childish’ and ‘eighteen years old? More like nine!’” I picked him up and put him on my shoulders. He wrapped his arms around the top of my head and I held his legs. He was laughing.
    “You know, my twin brother is the exact opposite of me” I say. “Kind of like you”
    “Woww! I wish I had a brother” he paused then tugged my hair a little. “Say, Trek, will you be my big brother?”
    “Yeah, I’d love to!” that’s what I said to him. But I forgot that he was a Revaltos and I forgot about the trouble I’d be in. I wasn’t thinking, or maybe I just thought that nothing bad would happen.
    Then everyone around me hushed to silence. They started separating, their heads bowed low. An empty pathway formed in front of me, showing him.
    A man with striking blond hair stood about twenty feet away from me. He had on small spectacles and held a book in his left hand—strange. He wore a fine black suit, something you’d wear in a wedding or a fancy gala. He even had on white gloves. What stood out to me was that he had body guards around him, they were holding clubs. Everything about him says one thing—rich, high society, or something else. I stared at a golden pin on the left breast of his shirt with a dragon on it—a Revaltos.
    “Oh man…” my heart stopped a beat. “I’m in biggg trouble”

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