• Your eyes attract me, pulling me in slowly...

    Koden yawn as he stared at the inn in front of him analyzing it. It looks spacious and seemed to be famous as well. However, he is not here just to take a holiday. He and his group are on a mission to find the Skylus scroll hidden somewhere in this city. Koden knew that the scroll was somehow important in this war, but the higher ups did not say anything about its importance. Just "find the scroll and bring it back, you have one month," was all the orders they got.

    "Oi! Zachery, what's taking you so long?" Koden heard a voice and he turned around to see his younger brother Shinwa. Shinwa was glaring at Zachery who seems to admiring the women around. Koden sigh and turn to face the two. "Shinwa take the bags inside, I'll deal with Zach."

    "Fine whatever." Shinwa stated and he grabbed his and his brother's bag and brought them inside. As he reaches inside, a woman with dark purple hair and light green eyes came up to him. "Good morning sir, may I take your bags?" "Um...sure." Shinwa stated before looking around. "Is all the workers here women?" he question before the women nodded her head. "Yes, they are actually, the manager doesn't hire men." "Geez, I wonder why," Shinwa stated under his breath but the women caught it and simply smiled at him.
    "Oh, you didn't know?" "Know what?" "This is an okiya, didn't you notice all the geisha around?" she question and Shinwa blink before he ohed. No wonder most of the women were in kimonos.

    Your eyes cold and harsh but gently swaying me...

    "Rai-san!" they heard a voice cried out and they both turned to see a women about Shinwa's age with medium black hair and dark amber eyes. To Shinwa, they almost look like blood but his opinion quickly changes when she smiled. "I'm glad I found you Rai-san!"
    "Akira? What is it?"
    "The manager wants to see you; he said it's something important."
    "Oh, alright, then can you take these to room one-eighty three?" Rai asks and Akira nodded her head as she grabbed the bags. "I will, you better hurry though!" "Alright alright." Rai stated and she left as Akira started down the halls.

    Akira silently observes the man behind her. He was odd with his black and white hair and dark blue eyes. They were cold though, and it seems like he does not really want to be here. Judging from his uniform, he was a soldier from Erebus, a hybrid one too. To her, this may cause problems. Trying to get rid of all the horrible possibilities forming in her head, she decided to start up a conversation. Besides, it will be awhile until they reach the room.

    "So...you're a soldier?" she question. "Yea." Shinwa muttered grumpily. Akira raises a brow before shrugging it away. "Um...are you from Erebus? What's an Erebus soldier doing here in Lutgardis?" she didn't get any answer but instead was pulled roughly by the arm and was soon staring at Shinwa's cold blue eyes. The bags were drop to the ground with a loud bang.

    "How do you know?" Shinwa demanded and Akira grimace at the pressure he is putting on her right arm. "Let go of me first, besides, everyone knows the uniform of the Erebus soldiers." Akira stated. Shinwa did not listen to her command but only held her arm tighter. "No one in Lutgardis saw this uniform ever. Only the other soldiers and the Gri~" he stopped and became quiet silently studying Akira. Akira blinks and stays calm, but in the inside, her mind went haywire again trying to figure out ways to get out of this.

    If the Erebus soldiers found out who she was, finding the scroll going to be much harder then she anticipated. "Are you?" "Shinwa!" and the two both turn to see Koden and Zachery heading their way.

    Your smile is contagious, yet you look so sad...

    "What's the matter?" Koden question as he stared at the two. "It's nothing, I thought that she look like someone I know." Shinwa lied as he let go and Akira scowl rubbing her arm. "Now may I do my job?" she question and without listening for an answer, she picked up the bag and started walking away. "She's pretty cute, what did you do to her Shinwa? Piss her off like every other woman you encounter?" Zachery questions and Shinwa glared at him before following Akira towards their room.

    "Yea too bad they pay way too much attention to Shinwa's face." Koden muttered and Zachery simply pouted. "You guys are born with good looks and women flock you two, yet Shinwa doesn't appreciate it at all. Yumi is one lucky woman." "If only you guys can trade looks, now that will be interesting right?" Koden commented and Zachery sighs. "Yea, if only..." Koden laugh before he followed the two with Zachery close behind.

    Can you smile for me? Just before you disappear?

    "Here, your room. Here is the key, and if you need anything just ask for Rai-san or me. If you guys want a Geisha to come entertain you guys, just ask I'll get one for you." Akira stated as she pushed the bags inside and gave the keys to Shinwa. He raises a brow when she said 'geisha' and he stared at her.
    Akira noticing the stare turned to him. "What?" "You're not a geisha?" he question as Akira shook her head. "No, I'm just and attendant, not an entertainer. In addition, do not count on Rai-san either to be a geisha she is only a barmaid. However, she can be an attendant as well she really is talented. I wonder why she did not be a geisha; oh, if she were one I would have wanted her to become my onee-san! Maybe then~" Shinwa cough to interrupt her ranting and Akira blink before she bows apologizing. "Sorry, I kind of rant off there." "You sure did, now if you please excuse me." Shinwa stated as Koden and Zachery came up to them.

    Immediately Zachery threw his bags at Shinwa, which made him fell and started to flirt with Akira. 'I better not mess up like last time...' she muttered in her head as Zachery asks her questions. "What's your name?"
    "Uh um...Akira."
    "No family name?"
    "No, I was an orphan; Rai-san found me and took me in."
    "Oh I see, how sad for you. How old are you? I'm 23 and single!"
    "I'm 20 and sorry not interested." Akira stated before she went off after she bowed a bye to them.
    "She's an interesting one; she didn't blush or stuttered around you guys." Zachery stated a he place a finger on his chin. "Aren't you sad that she rejected you?" Shinwa stated after he threw the bag inside growling at Zachery.

    "Nope! I can always try again! Rejection only makes a man stronger!" Zachery stated pumping his fist into the air. "Unless..." Zachery gave Shinwa the "look" and Shinwa cautiously stepped away. "What?" he slowly asks not liking the face Zachery is giving him. "Unless you want to keep her for yourself Shinwa?" he asks slyly and Shinwa glared. "Hell no!" "Oh! My little brother is finally growing up!" Koden crowed joining in. Shinwa glared at them before stomping off. "Why did you even choose an okiya anyways?!"

    "Geez, what's wrong with him? Did he always hate women like that?" "No, he didn't use to. He just started to be cold to them after Aiko left him." "Aiko?" Zachery asks confused at this. "Who is she?" "Shinwa's ex-girlfriend. Apparently, she disappeared one day without a word. He was going to purpose to her as well but since then, he hasn't really trusted any women around him." "There's more to it huh?" "There is, but Shinwa going to be mad at me if I told you." Koden stated and Zachery grinned. "Fine, I'll just torture him to tell me."

    Why can I not reach you?

    "Akira!" a geisha called out, Akira turned around to face the geisha name Hitomi, and she looks at her in question. "What is it?" "Saya broke her ankle; she can't dance tonight so we're wondering if you can do it?" "What dance?" Akira question.

    Whenever one of the dancer's could not perform, Akira is always the first to be chosen to replace them. Ever since she came here, she had watched all the dances and memorized them by heart. "The Noh Mai form, you have to do the Jo No Mai dance." Hitomi stated and Akira thought about it for a while before Rai barged in.

    "No time to think about it Akira-chan, you have to do it. The noblemen Ishiguchi is here with his son. They want a geisha to dance the Jo No Mai." and Akira open her mouth to decline but before she can, Rai dragged her to the dressing room.

    "W-Wait Rai-san!" "What is it? You never decline before?" "W-Well..." 'It's because the soldiers are here. If they see my tattoo...' Akira could not say that or else Rai would have questioned it as well. Rai did not wait for her answer and strip her down and Akira squeal. "Rai-san! That's not fair!" "I don't care. Hey! Bring the make-up here; she's going to be the goddess."

    I only watch helplessly on the other side of the river...

    "Come on Shinwa!!!" Zachery cried out and kept pulling on Shinwa's arm who was laying on the futon reading. "What?" he said rudely and Zachery stopped pulling. "The geisha's are dancing tonight! I really want to go see it!" "Then go by yourself!" "No I can't! I need your face to attract women!" "What's wrong with your face? You attract a fair amount of women too." Shinwa stated and Zachery crosses his arms.

    "Yea but you attract more!" Shinwa was about to reply before Zachery interrupted and he simply scowls. "And I would've brought Koden with me but he's looking for the scroll so I have to resort to you!" "Resort? You think I'm just a toy that you can get girls with?" "Yes!" Zachery stated with no hesitation and Shinwa glared hard at him.

    "Come on! I promise I won’t' bother you anymore about women for the entire month!" "A year," "Five months." "Six." "Fine!" With that, Shinwa put his book away and followed Zachery grinning face all the way down to the stage.

    Akira sighs as she looks outside the curtains seeing the room filling up. She can see the noblemen and his son sitting in the front row as they stare lecherously to the girls around them. 'Great...perverts...' she thought and turned to Rai who was instructing everybody where to go. "Rai!" "No whining you hear me sweetie?" "B-But...I can tell that the Ishiguchis are perverts! What would happen if they wanted me to entertain them?" "You're not a geisha they wouldn't..." Rai stopped briefly, ohed, and patted Akira's head.

    "Don't worry, nothing going to happen to you. You're strong, I just saw you beat three guys in the market the other day." "Yea but they're not important!" "Don't worry, when I say don't worry, I mean don't worry." Akira pouted before nodding her head. "Fine..."

    Shinwa and Zachery entered the room and sat in the middle watching people around them converse. Like Zachery said, women soon flock Shinwa seeing how attracted he was and he simply glared at them all. Zachery on the other hand, immediately started flirting with most of them. Soon the light grew dim and the stage lights lighted up. The sound of a flute and drums started playing and the curtains pulled away. "Shinwa, isn't that Akira-chan?" Zachery whispered motioning with his head and Shinwa look up.

    His eyes widen at the sight and he swore that the Akira he met today is not the same person up on stage now. It was a slow dance, but he swore that it look even slower.

    The light shine perfectly on her fair skin and hair; her eyes shined like rubies and give off a gentle calm feeling. Her white kimono match perfectly with her and with the light, it really does seem like she was giving off moonlight.

    She gracefully swung her arms around and twisting her body in rhythm with the beat. Shinwa felt like she was dancing on water, a simply reflection of the moon. However, that all disappeared when he saw something at the base of her nape. He smirks and simply continues to watch her. 'I got you.'

    Your hands are warm, compare to my cold ones...

    Akira was tired and it was evident on how she was slouching in the chair. "You alright?" "Uh-huh...I'm not use to the Jo No Mai dance..." she muttered and Rai smiled before giving her water. “You mostly dance the Kagura right?" "Yea, I just love how fast I can move to the beat! It gives you an awesome feeling!" Akira said happily and Rai laugh before a maiko came in.

    "Uh, um...Akira nee-san. Ishiguchi-sama would like to see you." she said timidly and Akira paled. Rai's face turned serious before nodding to Akira. "Don't worry, I'll figure something out." "Alright." Akira stated and she closed her eyes and breathed in slowly. She breathed out and opened her eyes. The maiko and Rai was both equally amazed at her change. 'First she all happy and childish and now she's mature and calm. Akira-chan is truly amazing.'

    Shinwa saw Akira came out of the room and she walk silently towards the noblemen he saw up front. Akira smiled courteously before sitting besides the son and they engage in conversation.

    "No I'm not a geisha, sorry. I' m just a replacement dancer." Akira explains forcing a smile on her face as Ishiguchi jr. place a hand on her leg. She twitches getting ready to punch him but she restrains her anger. "Aw, that's too bad. However, is it alright if you entertain me tonight?" "Sorry, I do not know how to entertain you." Akira stated before she tried to get up. Ishiguchi jr. grabbed hold of her hand and her face turned serious.

    She gave him a steady look but before Ishiguchi can do anything, someone grabbed her around the waist. "What she mean is that she can't entertain you tonight because she'll be with me," a voice stated and she turned to see Shinwa and she blink. "You...!" Ishiguchi let go quickly seeing Shinwa's glare and Shinwa dragged Akira out of the room.

    Rai came out in time to see Akira being carried away by Shinwa and she wondered what he was going to do with her. Rai did the first thing that came into mind she followed them.

    Don't look at me like that...or else I'll fall...

    "LET ME GO!" Akira shouted pounding on Shinwa's back. Shinwa getting tired and annoyed at her abusing, vocally and physically, dropped her. They were in a secluded hallway since mostly everyone was at the party. Akira landed harshly on her butt and glared hard at him. "I never saw a woman with those kinds of eyes; your eyes almost look like a man's." Shinwa stated and reach up to touch her but she slaps his hand away.

    "Stay away or else I will not hold back," she stated. "Heh..." Shinwa stood straight up before staring at her. "I'm not scared, I know you're a hybrid too," at this Akira widen her eyes but quickly regain her composure and tried inching away. Shinwa took notice of it and slam both his hand to the side of her head. "Don't try to escape," he stated as he put his forehead against hers. Akira flinch not use to this proximity with a man. "Is the first time a guy have ever gone near you?" Shinwa asks and slowly slide his right arm down to her shoulder, close to her neck.

    Akira did not say anything, just kept glaring at him and Shinwa spoke again. "Of course, I bet you're too busy being a leader to think much about getting intimate with a guy." At this, Akira widens her eyes and look up at Shinwa with surprise. "What~" she was turned quickly around with her body press against the wall and Shinwa lifting her hair up. "H-Hey! Let me go! There's something call personal space you know!" Akira yelled out fidgeting, trying to get out. Shinwa simply ignore her before pulling on the kimono revealing her neck and he smirk in satisfaction.

    "Tsukiyomi Akira, leader of the Grimoire, what are you doing here?"

    Akira curse as she knew Shinwa recognize the tattoo. Her identity has been found out, and if Shinwa does anything, she will not hesitate to use her hybrid powers now. There is a chance he is going to tell the other two, and she knows she cannot face three hybrids by herself.

    "Are you going to answer my question?" "Are you going to let me go?" she question and her answer was Shinwa pushing her against the wall even more. "I can feel your spirit energy raising. I should warn you that both Zachery and Koden are good spirit sensors, they can locate your energy in seconds."

    Akira sighs partly giving up, as she looks at Shinwa who stare coldly at her. "So you're not going to rape me?" "Why would I?" "Most soldiers do that to women anyways." "True, but I'm not like most soldiers so don't put me in the same level as them." Shinwa stated harshly and Akira glared. "So, tell me, what are you doing here?" Shinwa asks again and Akira decided to tell him, for now. "I'm searching for a scroll." "The Skylus?" Shinwa guess and Akira hesitantly nodded.

    "Wow what a coincidence, we're looking for the scroll as well." "You're going to get rid of me? Because you know, I am the Grimoire's leader. Kill me and the Grimoire won't be no more." "You want me to? I can if you want." "Heh, I'm just saying, but you won't succeed anyways even if you tried." "Oh and why is that?" "You soldiers been trying to capture or killed me for the past three years, I'm not going down that easily." "That's true, but I'm not that hard to get rid of either," he whispered in her ears and Akira once became uncomfortable again.

    "Hmm, I'll make you a deal." Shinwa said satisfied of her discomfort. "What?" Akira asks surprise. "A deal?"
    "No, more like a bet."
    "...go on..."
    "Whoever finds the Skylus scroll first wins." Shinwa stated and Akira said an immediate no. "You have two other people helping you! That's unfair."
    "Don't worry; I'm going to tell them that I want to look for the scroll alone."
    "I don't trust you."
    "I don't care if you trust me, you're not supposed to anyways."
    "True, but~"
    "No buts, deal or no deal?"
    "What's the catch?" Akira asks suspiciously and Shinwa thought about it for a while. "Hmm, if I find the scroll, you must come with me as my prisoner. If you find the scroll, I will not bother you or the Grimoire anymore. I will not come after you as well. I’ll even help you escape only once if we ever meet up again in the future." Shinwa stated and Akira thought about for a bit. "Fine, it's a deal." Akira muttered grudgingly and Shinwa smirk in victory.

    "Alright then, now answer me this one last question." "What?" "Have you ever been kiss before?" "No...Why would yo~" she was silence by Shinwa's lips on hers and she stared in shock before Shinwa moved away. He smirks at her and she fumed pointing accusingly at him. "YOU!" "There, our deal is seal. Good luck to you Akira-chan." Shinwa said walking away licking his lips and Akira stared angrily at his back.
    'He stole my first kiss! That son of a~ ah! I felt his tongue too...ug...this is the worst day of my life!!!'

    May this forbidden love be the downfall of us because it is the greatest sin of our lives.

    Our story is unwritten, drowning in the millions of others.

    Hybrids -Humans with supernatural powers ranging from controlling water to raising the dead. Most of them are use for fighting in wars.
    Erebus and the Lutgardis country -Two country who are at war for centuries. The never-ending battle seem to have no meaning.
    Grimoire -A rebellion group who fights against the two country to stop the war.