• Chapter One

    The town was rather small. Some houses, a community garden, a tavern, and an inn or two. The image looked nothing like the year. The year was 2540, but the land looked more like an extemely old town, perhaps a western town. The etire cause of this dystopia were apocalyptic disasters, artificial and natural in cause, bombs earthquakes, and tsunamis, just to name a few. To contrast this view, more life had bee created than destroyed, new races of humans if you will. There were the religious fighters of the Blessed, the Homo Anamalia which divided into fox, dog, and cat species commonly known as Kitsune, Inu, and Nekos, the outcast Mutants, and the unusual Celestials whom were decadently beautiful people.
    The tavern. The mutant stood about six foot-five outside the doorway.His hair a brownish yellow, eyes green. he wore a custom made trenchcoat, a hood attached and the left cuff was bright red with a yellow insignia on it. Like all mutants he had a defining mark, although his could be mistaken for a scar left from burning because his skin was shirveled at the outside tip of each of his eyes and moved outward. He was on the run from the military. He entered the tavern.
    Now for our second character. The neko sat at the bar, tail limp ears realxed. Aside from these features all nekos had nekos generally looked like humans. He was bare chested and bare foot, crimson hakama pants, a long katana over his back, and brown hair, blonde at the tips, pulled into a ponytail. His eyes a gray blue color. He twirled a rose in between his fingers. A rare flower nowadays. He was waiting for his favorite bartender who would exchange tips and conversation for a rare flower. She finally took over and they exchanged flower and words.
    " Not again!" the bartender sighed.
    The sight was a usual one. Someone had hit on Roller's girlfirend, and Roller, large cylinder body and all, was about to take on a mutant.
    " Take it easy big guy" the mutant said raising his hands.
    " No way you piece of trash!" Roller shouted just like previous occasions. "No one messes with my girl!"
    With that he slugged the mutant right across the face. A crack resonated through the room. The mutant turns his head back around and slides out of his coat, punches Roller in the jaw, and shifts his arms into machete-like blades. A large barfight ensues.
    The neko watches the fight with little interest, that is until the mutant sends someone flying across the room at him.
    " Alright enough of this." the neko mutters in a bored voice.
    The neko moves effortlessly through the crowd and blocks a punch aimed for the mutant.
    " What are you doing?" the mutant questions, obviously perplexed.
    " Helping you." the neko replies in the same bored tone, dodging a thrown glass with ease.
    " Why?" the mutant continues, backhanding sombody with the blade arm.
    " I'll tell you later, maybe, but first let's get out of here." the neko says, his voice still rather emotionless.
    The neko runs outside followed by the mutant who is followed by blood and screams. They continue to run until they reach the outskirts of town. Somewhere along the way the mutant had picked up a knapsack. A insect-humanoid, centaurian creature crawls out.
    " What the hell is that thing?" the neko asks with obvious disgust.
    " This is one of my golems, my first one more precisely. Seems he's hungry." the mutant answers casually, his expression opposite that of the neko's.
    " Well if it eats fruit," the neko begins, pulling an apple from seemingly nowhere as a small tree dies behind them as they walk, "it can have this."
    Before the mutant could ask the neko explained he could create plant growth from most places and control those he grew so long as he created bothing else after that plant.
    " I see. Well as you can see I can create life, sort of. Unfortunately I need organic material to do so." the mutant explains. "Anyway," he starts waiting for the neko to say his name as the golem crawls back into the pack.
    " Billy" the neko replies, boredom re-enteringhis speech.
    " Right, Billy, Gus by the way," the mutant adds before continuing," thanks for the help even though i didn't need it. But why would you help a mutant? Nekos are accepted into society."
    " You just said why" Billy gave the cryptic response.
    " What's that supposed to mean?" Gus asked a bit confused.
    " It means both of us are only partly human" Billy sheds a little light on the answer, before stopping abruptly in front of a six or seven year old boy.
    Billy knelt down in front of the kid and pulled three, strange looking flowers from behind his back. Imagine a pure white honey suckle with a blood red static wave pattern down each of the petals.
    " Boy," Billy adressed the child who was going to die for his innocence, " could you give these flowers to Stephanie? You may know her as the Garden Lady."
    " I sure could!" the child beamed, for the children loved her.
    " Thank you then. Oh and be careful the thorns are sharp!" Billy called as the child ran off with blood oozing out of a brand new cut in his hand.
    Billy dropped a fourth flower, like the previous three, and ground it into the earth.
    " What kind of flower was that?" Gus inquired, voice rimmed with curiousity.
    " A poisonous kind." Billy said bluntly. " He'll be dead in a week." he added in anticipation.
    " So," Gus changed the subject, " where are we headed?"
    " To the nearest large city. There's going to be a fair there soon and we'll need money." Billy stated, voice again emotionless, walking down the road again.