• I woke up to the sound of soft rustling. Golden hair covered my eye's, and I pushed it away with haste and a groan. My bare arms hugged the white pillow I lay on, and my naked body was curled inside a blue sheet. In confusion, I sat up, and hugged the fabric around my chest, keeping it warm. The smell of mingleling skin hung in the air, and I sniffed harder, trying to remember what was going on. Beside me a body twitched, and I jumped, my heart stuck in my throat, only to realise who it was. He had brilliant brown hair, and pale green eye's. His sculpted body was curled and tangled in a mass of blanket, sprawled out in all directions. His mouth hung open just enough for air, and his long eye lashes brushed his pale, freckled cheeks. I gripped the blanket harder as I leaned into him, my hot breath on his shoulder. Slowly but surely, his eye's fluttered open, and he starred into my grey one's. He proped himself onto his elbows, and kept his eyes on mine. I could see his mouth curling into a slow smile, his pink lips stretching out. My breath was caugh in my lungs, and I didn't know what to say. I had no words to tell him.
    "Hailey" he whispered, leaning into the crook of my neck. His warm breath danced along my skin, sending tingles into silly places. He pressed his bare chest against mine, and I shivered hard, letting out a pleased sigh. He felt my skin grow cold with anticipation, so he pressed harder, knocking me back down and onto my back. He looked down at me, his long hair falling around his face, and tickling my nose. His body caged around mine, sending a vibe of protection through my veins, and I wrapped my arms around his chest. With a quick motion, he pulled the covers away from my body, revealing it to the bedroom air. He straddled my waist, and pushed his hips against mine. With a moan, I could feel him passing through me, moving in and out with slow and steady motions. My hips moved with his, and he took this as a sign to keep going. Speeding up, I felt waves apon waves of vertigo spin through my head, and I moaned louder, digging my fingers into the skin of his back. As he continued, memories flooded back to me from the night before. The laughing, the tearing, the whispers, the gasps. At one point, I could remember crying. Crying because he said something, but what? As we continued blissfuly, the sun started shinning through the open blinds, sending shimmers of light dancing and skirting on the bedroom walls. When we had finished. we both lay side by side, me tucked safely in the grip of his arms. He kissed my forehead many times before he finaly spoke.

    "Hailey" he whispered, holding me tighter.

    "Yes, David?"

    "You are my world." he said, burying his face into my hair. I could feel a pressure at the back of my eye's, and my vision started to blur.
    "You are my everything. I live for you. Out of all the people on this planet, you are the only one who has my heart" he said to me, his eyelashes brushing my face. I could feel warm liquid pouring down my cheeks, and then I realised I was crying.
    "I love you."
    That is what he said. That is when I realised I loved him too.