• Both me and Paul were in 2nd grade. On the play ground. I sat hiden in on the top branch of the old plum tree in the back of the play ground. I wasn't popular like i am now, no i was the freak at the back of the class. I was the weird girl no one wanted to talk to or play with.
    Paul was the goth of the class ,but he still had friends. And he was tall, dark, and goth. honestly i loved that about him. I was attracted to the goth and dark at heart.
    Every day Paul would walk the playground alone. Looking for a hope. Something he could live for. I watched him walk from my tree and sighed. He was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. I had the biggest crush on him for years yet i couldn't figure it out what i was feeling deep inside (well, i was only seven).
    Paul came and sat below me. leaning on the tree as he all ways did. But this time it seemed different. he sat a stared at the tree. Paul looked right into my eyes. I could tell he i was there and say hello or i could stay hiden.
    "I hate this stupid school!!" Paul shouted. i had no idea who or what he was talking too. This is my chance to tell him i am here i thought. " way do you hate it so much?" i asked. he looked up. "what?" Paul was confused. I wanted to run and hide. "who are you?" he sat still sat there staring at me. "um......I'm.... Esme." i felt like i was shacking. THEN Chris came with margot. . I watched Margot and Chris (the meanest Seven year olds you’ll ever meet). They walked over to Paul and started to make fun of him. “Why are you in all dark colors freak?” Margot asked in her snotty voice. “Is it because you’re a vampire freak?” chris laughed. CHRIS pushed Paul. He looked like he was going to cry. So I stepped in “He is not a freak!” I screamed “Your just a big bully ChRIS.” “ And I think vampires are cool.” I said my arms crossed across my shirt. Paul looked up at me. I stood next to him. “Hey look shy girl has a voice.” CHRIS teased “Why you standing up for him?”
    “Because I am kind to all people, but you two.” I helped Paul up. He was holding his arm. “Did they hurt you?” I asked him. He nodded “yes” he sounded like he was going to cry. “ You hurt him!” I screamed punching Chris in the arm. Margot grabbed his hand and they walked away. “Now are you ok?” I said to Paul. “I guess.” He smiled “thank you for helping me.” I made a large smile “It was nothing.” I giggled ”I didn’t even hit him hard.” Paul laughed.