• "Fallen," a voice sang, sounding far away and very soft. Fallen? That sounded familiar. Maybe I'd heard it before? The voice sounded vaguely familiar as well, just very soft, and almost... whispy, if a voice can sound that way. "Come back to us, Fallen." it sang out, sounding faint, but louder this time. It was silky smooth and almost song like, but also a plea. Fallen; Fallen was a person.

    My mind felt very murky, and I couldn't remember where I was, or even who I was, really. "Fallen," a deeper voice called. I recognized this voice, though I couldn't remember who it belonged to. I tried to find my eyes and open them, to tell this person I was okay. He was obviously important if I wanted to reassure him without knowing who he was. Oh, I must be Fallen. "Open your eyes." he coaxed, and I definitely wanted to comply, but was unable. I couldn't even feel my body. Was I dead?

    Slowly, I became a little more aware of my body. First, I could feel my eyelids, but they still felt like they were twelve thousand pounds apiece; far too heavy to lift. I was then aware that I also had a pounding headache, and as more awareness came, I realized that I was pretty sore all over, and unable to move.

    "Why isn't she waking up, Lilly?" a very child-like, innocent voice asked. I recognized this one too, and I could now place the voice of the first person; the girl. Lilly; she was a sweet girl who was only two years younger than I am. She was blonde haired and blue eyed, with tawny wings and the power to persuade, explaining why I had wanted to comply with what she said, but not explaining why I had wanted to listen to the male who had spoken after her.

    "Her body's trying to heal." Lilly explained to whoever the young voice belonged to. "She's got to rest, but we need to make sure she's okay." Lilly continued easily as if she knew exactly what she was talking about, which, let's face it, she did. She wanted to be a doctor when she grew up; she started studying up pretty dang young.

    I tried to say something, but my lips refused to do anything more than part, only letting me emmit a strangled squeaking noise, but I guess even that caught their attention. There were slight rustling noises and I felt someone's hands on my face. "Fallen, open your eyes." the male voice said, repeating his earlier command. I recognized it as Josh. He was one of my best friends here and one of the first Angel's to arrive besides myself.

    I groaned as I tried to open my eyes, but when I succeeded, I immediately slammed them back shut. The light was really, really bright and my eyes had been closed for lord knows how long. I groaned again, opening my eyes and blinking them a fast, hoping to adjust my eyes quicker. "What happened." I moaned once my eyes were trained on the white ceiling.

    "You were out flying during a storm, and you got struck by lightning." Lilly told me, and my eyes found her. She, Josh and Nick were all around my bed, various other people behind them. She turned to them, seeming to notice them the same second I did. "You've seen she's okay now, go get on with your chores." she ordered, pointing at the door for emphasis.

    The mumbled and grumbled, but left anyhow. Not like they really had a choice; she would've just made them anyway. The three turned back to me. "You scared the crap out of us, Fallen." Josh told me, still looking somewhat concerned about me, his eyes searching for bruises and stuff like that.

    "Fallen, your hair has white in it now." Nick told me. I looked over to the side, and saw that he wasn't kidding. In my once pitch black hair, white streaks prominently ran through, not taking away from her looks in the slightest though. In fact they made her look pretty in a more edgy sort of way.

    "And one more thing." Lilly said. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed were I being honest. "Look at your shoulder." she told me seriously. I looked at her skeptically, but looked anyway. From what I saw, it's a surprise I didn't lose consciousness all over again really. Who knew such a thing could come from simply being struck by lightning? But everything happens for a reason.