• it has been 15 years since the war started and darkness is winning the is only 2 people who has enough power to hold off the darkness and one is sakura usamaki the other is the god of light the god of ligfht was trapted and thrown into the volcano of darkness and was slowly turning into a shadow beast
    30 years later sakura usamaki was captured and throwned into the volcano the god of light turned into a shadow beast but sakura escaped because of a
    trader of the darkness his name is demend lord ray the ran into the last place of light on light island but the better think of a plan soon the darkness was comeing and the darkness has all the elements on there side aswell
    the power of darkness was growing and the light island collapced but sakura and deend found a time gate and hid in the past

    the end for now

    this is not the real story if you wish to see the real 1 look at my journal

    by the great god of shadows (prts 1 2 3 and 4 of the orignal story are in my journal