• Chapter 3: Kiki, The Shy Ninja

    June 18th, 2025 2:36 P.M.
    The Forest of Unending Moans

    Lena and I came back from my memory. Lena looked absolutely terrified. "What's wrong, Lena?", I asked her. "Nothing." she replied, "What's important is that now I know why you don't trust people. So now, I think I know how we can solve that problem.". I replied, "Ok, but before that, whoever is following us, show yourself." A girl leapt down from the trees. She wasn't too tall, maybe 5'4". She had shoulder-length autumn colored hair. She wore a suit similar to mine, but it wasn't the suit of a full-fledged assassin, the sleeves were oversized as well. And I thought to myself, 'Ah! She's so Cute!'

    Lena walked over to her. I had a sudden urge to intervene, however I sensed no danger. Lena put her hand on the girl's shoulder, then said, "This is Kiki. She is a ninja who uses wind and water. She's very much like you. She's rather shy." Kiki spoke, "Um.... Hello, Kyo-Chan. Lena has....told me much....about you. It is nice...to finally... meet you."

    I finally responded, "And how is this girl, Kiki, supposed to help me become less independent?" I finally noticed the black collar around Kiki's neck. Kiki saw that I was curious, "You um... must have noticed....my collar. I have worn this...ever since...I could remember. Lena, It's time." Lena removed the collar.

    Kiki's eye suddenly grew dilated and sparkly. I was shocked. This is just like that one time, that time I had candy with Kagami and Aiden. Kiki blinked and look towards Kyo, then all of a sudden, "YAHOO!!! I'M FREE!!!!!!!". Then she zoomed off in the other direction. I looked to Lena and asked, "Ok, I'll bite. What just happened? Because I know I've done that before." Lena responded, "That is the power of Kiki's collar. It suppresses her boundless energy. You have the same boundless energy, yours is just released in a different way. So, I need to know how to release it."

    I looked at the ground, "And why would I tell you that? Do you have any idea how much damage I caused that one day alone? Why should I chase her down? She'll get tired and then we can find her." Lena had a grin on her face. I had a bad feeling about that grin, she had me cornered. "It could be that simple. But do you want to know why this place is avoided by all, or how it got it's name? You may not know this, but in this future, Humanity was forced into hiding after we lost the war against the undead. This forest is crawling with zombies, and even though zombies aren't fast, they can make quick work of a tired little girl."

    I thought for a moment and said, "And why do I care? I swore to protect you and you alone." Lena grinned wider and said, "Exactly. However, the one thing you don't know..... is that Kiki and I are THE SAME PERSON! She is the personality that I was forced to part with. That's why I feel a bond of kinship for Kiki. So in agreeing to protect me, you agreed to protect Kiki as well, besides I can see how you feel. You think she's cute, don't you. And another thing, I know exactly where Aiden is." Whoa, Whoa, WHOA!

    I looked to Lena, I didn't think a person like Lena could be capable of such a devious way of thinking. So in agreeing to protect Lena, I also agreed to protect this girl, Kiki? I spoke, "You.....You know where Aiden is?" Lena responded, "Yes I do. Aiden has been on a journey like you, with my younger sister Ayame, who has the powers of past and love. He's been searching for you to get revenge." I was surprised, "Revenge? For what?" Lena looked at me and said 3 words that made me question the very logic of what she said, "For killing Kagami."

    I knew what I needed to do now. I needed to confront Aiden and find out the truth. But first things first. "Candy." I said, "Is what releases my boundless energy." Lena looked surprised. "Is that really it? I have candy on me at all times." Candy. Only Aiden and Kagami know how much I love candy. Before this is all over, I'm gonna be able to enjoy candy once again.

    June 18th 2025, 4:25 P.M.
    Deep in The Forest of Unending Moans

    I sped through the forest, but I couldn't find Kiki. The stimulus of the candy was fading. Then, it appeared. Grace, my little ball of fluffy cuteness of a friend, popped it's little head out of my pocket. I spoke to myself, "NO! Don't come out now. If Lena and Kiki see you I'll never hear the end of it." It looked up at me endearingly. I couldn't help myself, "AWW!! BUT YOUR SO FRICKIN' CUTE!" I pet it and it finally receded into my pocket. Now, I could continue my search.

    I looked around a little bit more then I heard someone yell to me, "So the great assassin has a soft spot for small cute things." I looked up, and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Kiki, sitting on a branch, with her collar on. I was shocked, "H-How...How?" Kiki apparently enjoyed the look of surprise on my face, but she answered, "I always keep spare collars on me, I've actually been watching you these past 2 hours." I spoke, "So, I did all that for nothing" She jumped down from the branch and walked over to me, pulling something out of her bag. She said but six words, "Yup! Now you wear Cat Ears!" I was confused, but it was cleared up as she wrestled me to the ground and placed a cat ear hood on my head.

    I thought to myself, 'I like cat ears. They’re cute and all, but,.... WHY ME!?!'. Kiki turned to me with sparkly eyes and said, "AHHH! DESU KAWAII!". I was rightfully embarrassed. Then Kiki said, "So...... Can I see it?" I was confused, "See what?" I asked. "Your cute little friend." Kiki replied. 'NO! SHE SAW IT! I'M RUINED!' I thought to myself, 'Wait, what if I pretend to not know what she's talking about'. So I said, "I have no idea what your talking about. How could I, The Great Kyo-Chan, like cute things. I'm a Cold-Hearted assassin. 'I wanted to talk with someone other than Kagami, about my adoration, but, I feared she might not understand.'

    We walked a little farther, and I thought I had won the battle, But she wasn't giving up yet. She spoke, "You're not that 'Cold-Hearted'. First, if you were so 'Cold-Hearted' you wouldn't have come to find me. You were worried. Second, you would have ripped the Cat Ear hood off by now, you've grown quite attached to it. And last, I know what you think of me. When you first met me, the look in your eyes told me that you thought I was cute, you just didn't want to say anything. And you just admitted you were Kyo-Chan."

    'AHHHH! NOT AGAIN!', I thought. I finally said, "Ok, I give up. You're right. I did think you were cute. More than that thought, you reminded me of a younger me. Heh, I'm pretty pathetic. I'm 17 years old, and I'm a cute thing loving, assassin." Kiki suddenly stopped me, "No, I don't think your pathetic, your just more in touch with cuteness than most people, like me.". 'This girl understands me' I thought. Then she asked, "By the way, how old do you think I am, anyway?" I was scared to answer. "Umm..... Perhaps about 13?". Kiki looked as if she knew I would say that.

    Then she said, "Wrong. I'm actually 18." I was in shock. 'This girl is OLDER than me!'. Then Kiki said, "Also, I WANNA SEE THE LITTLE CUTE FLUFF BALL!" She looked a little sad. 'This girl's childishness is going to rub off on me', I thought to myself. But I said, "Alright, you can see it. Come on out Grace." I was actually happy. I found Grace while I was on a job. I thought it was a piece of dust, but then it started bouncing all over the place. I sliced at it. I saw it's cuteness, and I tried to stop my blade. But it was too late. My blade split the fluff-ball in half. I was about to cry but then I saw it split into 2 separate fluff-balls. I was so happy. Kagami enjoyed the company of Grace. Kagami was with Lena though. She wouldn't see me open my feelings to someone else.

    Grace popped its head out of my pocket and instantly bounced into Kiki's hands. Kiki spoke, "AW! SHE'S SO CUTE!" I spoke to Kiki, "Kiki, I.....I feel like I can talk to you, and you can understand me. I could never talk to anyone about myself, other than Kagami. So, I now adjust my contract. Kiki, as long as my body still draws breath, I swear to protect you and Lena. But please don’t' tell Lena about Grace." Kiki was clearly enjoying what happened afterward. I looked up and in the tree, sat none other than Lena.

    'AH!!!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!' I thought to myself. Lena laughed cutely, then walked over to us, "I thought there might be more that you were hiding, and I knew that Kiki could relate to you. I think you two will become good friends. So, The Great Assassin Kyo, likes cute things. There’s nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't you agree, Kagami." Kagami looked happier than I'd ever seen her before. Perhaps because I was learning to trust people other than myself. I saw the bushes rustle, then I heard a familiar voice, "HEY! KIKI, YOU LEFT MIMI AND ME BEHIND AGAIN!"

    A tall boy about my age stepped out of the bushes, his hair was about ear-length and was black. He wore a black leather jacket, and wore red jeans with a flare design on them. My eyes opened wider than I had ever opened them before, I knew this guy somehow. The boy looked to me and then I saw pure hatred flare into his eyes. He shouted,” YOU!", and pointed a shaky finger at me. I thought for a moment and said, "YOU!? Who are you again?". The boy looked dumbfounded. But, then Kiki interrupted with a name I never wanted to hear again, "You know Aiden-Chan?" I though my mind was going to erupt. Here in the year 2025, standing before me, was none other than, Aiden Rai.

    Chapter End
    Aiden has appeared! Kyo and Aiden had different experiences of Kagami's death, so which one is right? Will they fight? As Kyo worries that Kiki may be killed by Aiden, Does Aiden fear the exact same outcome from Kyo? Find out in the next chapter. Next Time: Aiden Rai and Kyo Star Friends or Foes