• Chapter 4: Aiden Rai and Kyo Star, Friends or Foes

    June 18th 2025, 5:27
    Deep in The Forest of Unending Moans
    (Before I continue, No this is not the exact date, place or time the death of Kagami occurred. That would be very cliché.)

    I looked at Aiden, and my fury exploded, "AIDEN, REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. I TOLD YOU I WOULD KILL YOU TO AVENGE KAGAMI! KAGAMI, WATCH CLOSE, I'M ABOUT TO AVENGE YOUR DEATH SO YOU CAN FINALLY REST PEACEFULLY!" Aiden looked at me with equal fury, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KYO? YOU AND I BOTH KNOW IT WAS YOU WHO KILLED KAGAMI. AND IT WAS I WHO SWORE TO AVENGE KAGAMI!", Aiden responded. Aiden threw the first punch. I was smashed into the tree nearby that both Lena and Kiki, were perched on earlier. I felt little pain, so I got up and spoke, "MIGHTY THUNDER, GRANT ME THE BLESSING OF YOUR FURY. PASS ON TO ME MY TWIN BLADES, KAGAMI OF THE THUNDER AND DIABLOS OF THE NETHERWORLD!". From the thunder clouds, two blades dropped, and I assumed the Roaring Thunder Stance, One of My own fighting styles I developed with Tsukasa-Sensei. The other style, Death's Apprentice, was formed while training with Death-Sensei. Aiden spoke, "FURIOUS FIRE, GRANT ME THE BLESSING OF YOUR POWER. PASS ON TO ME MY BLADES OF EVERLASTING FIRE, KAGAMI AND EFREET!" His blades came down like a meteor. We then lunged at each other. But before the first swing could be made, Kiki got in between us. 'KIKI! NO! IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU......' I thought to myself. I didn't care what happened to me, all that mattered was my obligation to keep Kiki safe. I dropped my blade and dived to get Kiki out of the way. I closed my eyes as I did so, in case Aiden sliced at me. I didn't want to see Kagami if I failed to avenge her. However, in my haste I forgot my sword is a GIANTIC lightning rod, and it got caught on my belt. A bolt of lightning shocked us. I was unaffected by the bolt, however, I hit my head very hard.

    June 19 6:00 A.M.
    A small House in the Middle of The FUM

    When I came to, I found myself in a house. I looked around, but Aiden was nowhere to be seen. Kiki was asleep, but she clung to my arm. I thought it was annoying, but rather cute. I stayed where I was because I didn't want to wake her. But, as always, when you want to let someone sleep, they always wake up. She rubbed her eyes sleepily, and said, "Kyo-Chan? *yawn* Where....are we? And where is Aiden-Chan and Lena-Oniichan." I didn't know myself. But I know one thing, Kiki got hurt because of me. I was disappointed at myself.

    The door opened and Aiden walked in. He saw me preparing to fight, so he spoke, "Kyo. There's been a misunderstanding. We need to talk." We went to a nearby room and sat at a table. Kiki was still yawning. She apparently wasn't used to waking up so early. Aiden looked different, His face had softened, and he looked sad. He spoke, "First off Kiki, are you Ok? That bolt of lightning hit us hard." I was confused. 'Was Aiden hit by that bolt too?' I thought. But Aiden had every angle figured out. "Kyo, I know what your thinking. When you closed your eyes, you never saw me dive to save Kiki as well. All three of us were hit by that bolt. I didn't know you cared so much for Kiki." My face turned a very bright red. "UM....NO! I..I...I didn't try to save Kiki, she was simply an innocent bystander." But, I knew I couldn't lie to Kiki. I looked to her, she was still sleepy, but was clearly hurt by what I said. So I adjusted what I said, "Kiki, don't be hurt. Alright Aiden, I'll give it to you. You're brighter than you look. You're right. Kiki is more than an innocent bystander. She............completes my personality." Aiden spoke, "Well, at least we agree on something." Kiki looked kind of bored, so I let her hold Grace. Then I remembered, 'AIDEN DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT THE CUTE MOE'!'.

    Aiden was clearly confused. "Kiki, is that another pet of yours? Mimi is already quite a handful. Too clever for her own good." I knew it was over. Kiki responded, "Nope, This little ball of cuteness actually belongs to Kyo-Chan.". Aiden looked at me with a look of confusion mixed with the strongest urge to laugh, ever. But he continued, "Ok..... So Kyo as I was saying. Now I know what happened. It turns out the death of Kagami was a setup. Somebody wanted to turn you and me against each other." Suddenly we heard the sounds of a battle outside. I spoke, "Aiden, let's go check out what that was. Kiki, stay here, you'll be safe." As we were leaving Kiki spoke, "KYO-CHAN! AIDEN-CHAN! NO! DON'T LEAVE ME......alone."

    We went outside and saw a behemoth of a man. He must have stood about 7 and-a-half feet tall. He had brown hair, and aside from that did I mention how tall he was? He was wielding twin blades, One of Fire, and One of Ice. He was fighting what appeared to be zombies.

    He spoke to us, "You must be Kyo and Aiden. My name is Solstice. Well, don't just stand there. Get your weapons and help me fight these fiends. Don't worry, The girls are both in the house. I don't know their names, but there were two of them. And if I recall correctly, the small one was clinging to you quite tightly, Kyo." Aiden and I grabbed our weapons and went to fight.

    Kiki's Perspective.

    'Kyo-Chan and Aiden-Chan left me' I thought. I began to cry.... "This is just like before" I spoke to myself, "No......I don't...want to....remember." I heard the sounds of moaning near the window. 'No, I....can't fight....alone. Kyo-Chan, Aiden-Chan'. The sounds of hands beating on the window continued. I crawled under the table. I was scared. But I couldn't let that keep me from fight. The glass broke. The zombies entered through the window. I shouted, "KYO-CHAN, AIDEN-CHAN! HELP ME!"

    Kyo's Perspective

    I was fighting the zombies when I heard Kiki yell, "KYO-CHAN, AIDEN-CHAN! HELP ME!". "Solstice, can you take care of these zombies? We need to find Kiki." I asked. Solstice, eagerly wanting to fight, nodded. So Aiden and I went back to find Kiki. The house was darker than I remember. 'The candle must have gone out' I thought as I walked cautiously to avoid the zombies.

    I looked over to Aiden. He looked like always, hard to tell what he was thinking. I know he was worried about something, though. It could be Kiki, it could be the fight earlier, but I just can't figure him out. We were too much the same. Even though I had been his friend since our childhood , I couldn't read his mind. Aiden Split up so he could find Lena.

    I finally reached the room where Kiki was. There were zombies everywhere. So, I fought the zombies. They put up quite a fight. When I were done, I heard what sounded like somebody crying. I looked under the table and I saw Kiki. She was crying, but when she looked up and saw me she instantly smiled again. Then, Aiden returned with Lena.

    We left the house and it ignited, because we forgot to turn the oven off, because we were burning zombies. "No! My beautiful house!" Solstice said sarcastically. It was his idea to burn the house down with the zombies in it after we got Kiki and Lena out. So now we were surrounded by zombies. I guess it was finally time for my Trump Card. The Portal of Death.

    "Kiki, Lena, Aiden and Solstice, from a circle. I'm going to get you to a safe place." I said. Aiden objected, "Dude, I've gone too long hating you. If you think I'm going to leave you, when we've finally become friends again, you apparently haven't learned much." Kiki agreed, "We can't leave you here with these zombies. If something happens to you, who'll be there when I have no one else to talk to. Aiden-Chan is boring." Aiden looked hurt, but still had the will to fight in his eye. Solstice stepped in front of me and pat me on the head. He had hands of steel, it hurt. "Little dude, your not fighting these zombies alone. No way." Lena then said, "Were here to help you Kyo. You needn't fight alone." Kagami nodded.

    I was touched. Back then, not even four people could convince me to spare someone. But, here I barely knew three of these people. And yet, they were there for me. I hadn't known kindness like this since Kagami took me off the streets. I felt a tear leave my eye. I couldn’t help it. "Alright. We're in this together."

    I assumed my Death's Apprentice Stance. But, before we could start fighting a humongous fireball came barreling from the sky. It formed a circle of flames around us, incinerating the zombies. I looked up to see what caused the inferno, and I spotted something that caused me to doubt my sight. I saw a dragon, one of those creatures of magnificence. And atop the dragon was a boy. He looked to be about 19, with blue eyes and bright red hair. He shouted down, "I FINALLY FOUND YOU KYO, BEARER OF THE ETERNAL THUNDER. YOU KILLED MY SISTER, AND FOR THAT YOU SHALL BURN!!!" He landed the dragon, and leaped off. Then walked over to us. 'I have a bad feeling about this' I thought.

    Finally we meet the mysterious character based after my friend Justis. But what about Kyo killing his sister? Did Kyo actually do it or was this boy being used? And what exactly does he mean 'Bearer of the Eternal Thunder? Find out next chapter
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