• Corina looked down at her wrist-watch. 8:34 PM. Time to call Pierre, or he would beat her again. For the 6th time that month. Corina was kept on a tight schedual with Pierre, her "boyfriend" if you would call it that. Fall out of the schedual, and you have to deal with the punishment.
    Corina thought no one loved her except for Pierre. But she was blind to the fact that Pierre was only useing her. He never loved her.
    After a 10 minute phone call to Pierre ,which only contained Pierre calling her the most vile things, she went to bed. Crying. This was normal for Corina.
    Around 1:00 AM, a light apeared in Corina's room. It always came around 1 AM. But corina was never woken by it. The light grew bigger and bigger. Then it took the form of a teenaged boy, around 17. This was Damien. He was Corina's guardian angel. Corina never believed in those things, so she would never see him. Ever.
    unlike pierre, Damien truely loved Corina. But this love was forbidden, a love between a guardien angel and it's human. And Damien's heart was broken by this. He hated how Pierre abused Corina, he hated how she abused herself, he hated how he could never tell her he loved her. And he hated her upcoming fate.
    Damien looked down upon Corina, watching her sleep. He then went over to her desk. He sat down and waited. But he didn't know for what he was waiting for.
    Corina woke up to her alarm clock. 5:56 AM. Time to go down and make her deadbeat father breakfast. Corina's mother left her when she was 7, and her brother was married and gone already. She missed how simple life used to be when she was 5. No worries, no problems, no pain.
    She quickly made her father's breakfast then left. She had to walk 4 miles to school.
    When Corina got to school, she saw something. It was Pierre and some girl making out on his car. She looked at the sight. She was powerless. And she had enough.
    Corina finished up her classes than went on the walk home. Pierre drove by throwing trash at her as she walked. He yelled the vilest things. She kept walking.
    Corina made a different turn than her usual walks. Instead of a left she took a right. Damien was wondering what she was doing. She walked into the forrest. Deeper and deeper she went.
    She stopped. Damien knew what was coming next. He couldn't stop her. He had failed as her guardien angel. He had failed.
    Corina woke up. She woke up in an unfamilar place, yet she knew where she was. The Place. The place where spirits like hers we left to roam the earth for eternity.
    She walked out to where another spirot stood. It was the first spirit to comitt suicide. He looked at her, and then out to the blank landscape.
    "You know," he said "there was someone. Someone that loved you dearly."
    "No one loved me. No one will ever love me." Corina protested.
    "He loved you more than anyone else in the world. But he's gone now. A ghost."
    "I see. Who was he?"
    "His name...... his name was Damien."

    The End
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