• (Ch3)* * *(The School)

    Finally it was September the 1st. As Justin left the house at 3:30pm (his parents insisted he be there early) he noticed that Maddie was also heading the same way so he called her name and caught up to her easily. All the way to the bus stop and on the bus they talked about everything and also fell asleep on the bus. Finally the school loomed into view. It was ginormus. There was a bunch of other boo buses to their right with a bunch of kids getting off. Most were talking and joking around as if they had been here before. Duh, Justin told himself, it’s grades 6 though 12. Eventually they were assigned dorms and sent off to get comfortable before dinner.


    “Whew! ,”Alaya sighed heavily to Mairi Carter her room mate, “First they have no elevator, then they have to put us on like the top floor in wishing ghost wing, which happens to be the furthest away from the dining hall.”

    “I know what you mean roomie. Try having two heavy bags to carry up those stairs.” Mairi replied. Alaya was so happy that she had at least one cheery, fun roommate. Her other one, Becca Begone, was very fat and a snob. She had found out, by looking at the dorm assignment sheet, that her two brothers, Alex and Artemis were in the same dorm as Justin.

    At dinner that night Justin, Mairi, Alaya and her brothers sat together and compared schedules for their first semester.

    “Oh goodie!” Alaya cried out with delight, “We are all together in the ice controlling class!” They all high-fived each other. Alaya was sad that she wasn’t in any other classes with Justin but at least she had one with him. While she was sulking, Mairi nudged her and pointed out that they were in ‘History of Ghosts’ together. Justin was also upset that he and Alaya were only in one class in the same block. ‘Oh well,’ he thought woefully, ‘Maybe next semester. And we could also hang out during Christmas break.’

    “So are you guys excited to get ghost powers tomorrow morning?” Justin asked Alaya, her brothers and Mairi. Alaya and Mairi confirmed that they were completely and utterly terrified that it would hurt or make their hair frizzy. Alex and Artemis on the other hand were totally psyched to get them.

    “During all those breaks that we are going to get during the year....”started Alex. “....we could totally zap Zach and Kyle with our eyes or freeze their butts to the pavement and have them beg us to free them.” Finished Artemis. They both high-fived each other and grinned mischievously. Alaya, Justin and Mairi just rolled their eyes and laughed.