• Scene 1
    It’s the 5 year class reunion for the class of East Bladen High School 2008. The main character of this story, me, Amanda Mintz, I’m 23 years old I am a single mother working as a secretary for a law firm. I’m about 5 foot 1, long chestnut brown hair with natural gold highlights, pale skin, and about average weight with honey brown/hazel eyes. I have to two amazing little girls they’re 3 years old. They’re twins, the old is Aurora Gloria Mintz, she’s pale skin like me, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The youngest of the twins is Isabella Marie Mintz, Bella for short, she’s dark skin like her father, her fathers gorgeous brown eyes, and dark curly hair. Now I guess you’re wondering who the father is… well let’s just say he’s not in the picture… for a reason that I have yet to explain… but back to the story. I walk through the not so familiar halls of East Bladen High School catching glimpses of the past. It feels like forever since I was last here, so much has happened since those high school days. I think back on my long lost love of East Bladen High School, Miguel Angel Bernacet, jr. He was my heart, my soul, my everything, until that tragic day when I caught him cheating. I gave him some time to himself to help choose between me and the other girl Alyss, and at first he chose me but the hands of fate didn’t last. All of the time I would find that he would sweet talk Alyss to the point that I had had enough and so I broke it off, not knowing I was pregnant, and haven’t spoken to him since, and that was 4 years ago. I never told him about the girls mainly because I didn’t want them to be let down and I didn’t want him thinking he had to be with me just because I had his children. His mother, him, and myself have had dreams about these same two little girls and that we would be one big happy family, well, half of it came true. My parents were furious when they found out and were going to go and tell him but I finally convinced them not to. It’s been tough raising two little girls on my own, but, thank god for grandparents. I didn’t want to come tonight because I suspected that Miguel might come but then I thought better of it because he would never come to one of these things. The night passes by in a blurr of familiar yet unfamiliar faces until I finally walk back into the cafeteria and see one of my old friends Cody and walk over and hug him.
    Cody: man it’s been forever since I last seen or talked to you, how have you been?
    Amanda: busy.
    Cody: I hear that, so what you been up to?
    Amanda: nothing really, moved out of the ‘rents house and into my own lil apartment and I’m working as a secretary at a law firm.
    Cody: oh really?
    Amanda: yup.
    Cody: I heard that you were pregnant.
    Amanda: you heard correct.
    You take out your wallet and show him the pictures.
    Amanda: Aurora Gloria, and Isabella Marie.
    Cody: they’re cute, Aurora looks just like you.
    Amanda: I’ve been told that… minus the blonde hair blue eyes thing.
    Cody: so who’s the father?
    Amanda: I’m not sure.
    Cody: you’re not sure who the father is?
    Amanda: nope.
    Cody: bull I know you’re lying. They’re Miguels aren’t they.
    Out of nowhere Miguel walks up and you quickly take the pictures from Cody.
    Miguel: Miguels what?
    Amanda: nothing just forget about it.
    You quickly walk into the bathroom before he sees the pictures. If he knew about the girls I don’t know what he would do.
    Miguel: did I say something wrong?
    Cody: no dude, she’s hiding something, something deep, and I think you’re the only one that can get it out of her.
    Miguel: I haven’t spoken to her in almost 4 years, what am I gonna do? Waltz up and say ‘hey I’m sorry for what happened but I think you’re hiding something, would you mind sharing?’ you have got to be kidding me.
    Cody: no I’m serious.
    Miguel: for real?
    Cody: yeah.
    Miguel: do you know how awkward that would be?
    Cody: yup, so go have fun. And I know you still have feelings for her.
    Miguel: yeah but she made it quite clear last time we talked that she didn’t.
    Cody: bull crap you can’t surpress that emotion instantly and pretend it never happened. She’s different dude… almost hollow.
    Miguel: what if she says no?
    Cody: then keep trying.
    Miguel: fine if it’ll get you to shutup.
    Miguel walks over to the bathroom where he seen Amanda go into and wait a few minutes until she comes out of the bathroom dabbing her eyes. She looks up in shock.
    Miguel: hey.
    You quickly try to walk away but he grabs your arms lightly.
    Miguel: stop, I think we need to talk.
    Amanda: we already did.
    Miguel: no, about something bigger, I heard a bit of the conversation with Cody.
    Your eyes shoot wide with surprise.
    Amanda: no you didn’t.
    Miguel: yeah.
    Amanda: crap, I didn’t even think you were gonna be here.
    Miguel: yeah well cody made me come.
    Amanda: of course. Hows Alyss doing?
    Miguel: haven’t spoken to her in 3 years now and don’t intend to.
    Amanda: why what happened?
    Miguel: let’s just say when the going got rough, so did she.
    Amanda: oh, I’m sorry.
    Miguel: it’s ok. Are you seeing somebody?
    Amanda: no, haven’t really felt like dating for awhile now. I get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep.
    Miguel: sounds pretty boring.
    Amanda: I guess but I don’t really mind.
    Miguel: still have the chickens.
    Amanda: nope, after 3 years I cut them up, defeathered them, seasoned them and deep fried them. they made a good thanksgiving feast.
    Miguel: oh wow really?
    Amanda: yup.
    He looks at you with the same look he had so many years ago, a yearning.
    Miguel: come on, let’s go outside and we can talk more in private.
    Amanda: ok.
    You walk nervously outside and walk to one of the cement squares with beautiful pink flowers on it. He picks one and gently places it in your hair. You’re taken aback a bit.
    Amanda: you were always an odd ball.
    Miguel: it’s always been my strong suit. So what did I hear about you being pregnant?
    Amanda: yeah, I was.
    Miguel: who’s the father?
    Amanda: I’m not sure.
    Miguel: can I see the pictures?
    You nervously take the pictures out of your bag and hand them to him.
    Miguel: they’re gorgeous, what are their names?
    You gulp nervously. And he looks at you waiting.
    Amanda: Aurora, Gloria, and Isabella, Marie.
    He takes out his cell phone for better lighting and takes a long hard look and you see his eyes go wide.
    Miguel: the same two girls we dreamed about…
    Amanda: yup.
    Miguel: so this means…
    You nod your head hoping he didn’t see it. Miguel hands you back the pictures and stands up. You can tell he’s trying to find the right words to say.
    Miguel: those are mine?
    You let out a big sigh.
    Amanda: yup.
    Miguel: when were you gonna tell me?
    Amanda: I was hoping never.
    Miguel: why?
    Amanda: I didn’t want to hold you back.
    Miguel: I would have tried to help you raise them at least.
    Amanda: the last day I talked to you, I made a clean break, I tried to forget about you but with those two it’s difficult.
    Miguel: did you know that day?
    Amanda: yup.
    Miguel: why didn’t you tell me then?
    Amanda: like I said, I didn’t want you to think you had to be with me because we had kids.
    Miguel: I feel like a horrible father.
    Amanda: it’s not your fault, I thought this would have been what’s best for them.
    Miguel: have they asked about me?
    Amanda: quite often.
    Miguel: what did you tell them?
    Amanda: you moved away.
    Miguel: nice.
    Amanda: they’re only 3 so I figured it’s the best I can do for now.
    Miguel: what about later?
    Amanda: I don’t know… I’ll make it up as I go along.
    Miguel: Amanda I have to be honest with you. Truly honest and I just want you to listen, this may complicate things a bit but I’ve been holding it in for 4 years now.
    You nod your head and he takes a deep breath.
    Miguel: when you left, especially the way you did, right when you walked away, I felt my heart and everything go with you, I could no longer be truly happy or anything. I still love you to this day, and I wish I wouldn’t have been so ignorant to what you were trying to tell me before. You knew she wasn’t the one for me. it’s what I needed at the time but I had to move on, but I didn’t understand it at that point, and when I finally did, it was too late. I wish I could reverse the hands of time and I would have done things completely different. I wouldn’t have ever went back with her, I would have stayed true to the one person I always knew I could count on to keep my heart safe. Truth is, I came tonight because I wanted to see you, if only just for one night to see you happy once more. But I see you’re just as miserable as I am. I want to be back in your life if you’ll have me, I’m not forcing you to do anything and I know you’ll need some time to think about it, but I couldn’t live without you knowing how I truly felt.
    Amanda: truth is, you broke my heart so many times that I lost count.
    Miguel: I know.
    Amanda: I tried to make things work the best I could but It wasn’t good enough.
    Miguel: it was to me.
    Amanda: no, it wasn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone back with her in the first place.
    Miguel: mida…
    Amanda: my heart and soul and everything was left lying on the ground that day, I didn’t have the strength to pick them back up, hoping you would be my knight in shiny blue wolf fur.
    Miguel sits back down quietly shaking.
    Miguel: I’m so sorry, for everything I’ve done. I know what I did wasn’t right, I just couldn’t see it before I made the biggest mistake of my life. It was always you I wanted, only you, I was just selfish. Just please, give me a third chance.
    Amanda: I’m not so good with third chances. And I have nothing left to offer.
    Miguel: all I want is your love.
    Amanda: I’m not even sure if I can offer that anymore.
    Miguel: at least try? Please?
    Amanda: we’ll see. You have my number still right?
    Miguel: never erased or forgot it. Same number?
    Amanda: yup… call me sometime and I’ll let you see the girls.
    He stands up and hugs you and you can feel the tears soaking your dress. After a minute you pull away and kiss him with such fierceness that it catches him off guard. In that instant that your lips meet you can feel life flowing back into your blood stream. After a minute you pull away and look at him.
    Amanda: what took you so long?
    Miguel: you know me and my stubborn self.
    You smack his head playfully.
    Amanda: if I’ve told you before I’ll tell you again…
    Miguel: yea yea yea.
    End Scene