• Vampire Lord Vladimir was sitting on his throne sipping a glass of blood. "Ah what a wonderful night for my minions to fight those blasted creatures." said Vladimir as Lunaria shone a bright red in the night sky. Meanwhile running though Sol Forest was a young swordsman. "I have to get to Vladimir's Castle at once! He has something that is precious to me!" shouted the boy as werewolves surrounded him. "Ah crap! Now what should I do?" queried the swordsman as a bat flew over his shoulder and bit his neck.

    The boy screamed in agony and the bat started to drink his blood. The boy grew weak and tire. The boy fell to his knees and asked, "What's going on? What is happening..." before he could finish a dark aura surrounded him and several bats flew around him. "State thy name young swordsman and I shall grant you immorality!" boomed a voice as the werewolves started to close in on the youngster.

    The blonde haired blue eyed swordsman stood up with a malevolent look in his eyes and replied, "My name is Leo, King of Beasts!" he then drew his blade and shouted, "Earth! Metal! Blood! Rose Pedal Slasher!" in the blink of an eye Leo zipped through the air and slashed the werewolves with his silver blade and killed them. As Lunaria glimmered in the night a dark shadow rose up and revealed itself to be Vladimir the Vampire Lord. "Well done my newly recruited Vampire Knight. I shall give back what I've stolen from you." said Vladimir as an orange orb materialize.

    Leo looked at the orb and his eyes grew narrow, "Rose! Oh my lord Rose!" the orb then shattered and a young girl with auburn hair and hazel eyes fell into Leo's arm. "Leo...I'm sorry if I scared you...but the wolfs...they were hungry for flesh...I didn't know what else to do..." said Rose as she fell limp in the boy's arms. "Bite her neck Leo and drink her blood. That way she too can gain immortality." said Vladimir.

    Leo looked at his friend, lifted her head up and said, "I love you Rose...and...forgive me!" his fangs then grew out and Leo bit down on the girl's neck. At that moment Lunaria started to glow and the bright emerald moon Grandoris aligned itself with Lunaria. "What the hell is going on?! I have never seen an emerald moon before!" shouted Vladimir as Leo transformed into a lion and Rose transformed into a dragon.

    This is a Gothic story about traditional vampires and werewolves. This is Grandoris and Lunaria