• My life used to be innocent, well except for my family history. My Family's heritage is nothing short of dark. We were either Assassins, Prostitutes or Bounty Hunters, anything to stay alive. My Mother was an innocent woman, who married an Assassin. My Father loved me as did my Mother, Mother had taught me how to be a lady while my Father taught me how to snap someone's neck. We were never low on gold, safe to say I had a rich up bringing. But with the wealth, there came mine and Mother's safety put in constant danger. I was constantly kidnapped so my Father would cooperate, I wasn't scared, just annoyed. I began putting my Father's lessons into play at age 7, I snapped the neck of a Bodyguard. My Father was killed however, He was killed by a vampire by the name of Von Helson when I was 10. My Father was to assassinate him but Von Helson got him first, this event caused me to loathe vampires with a passion. For the next six years, My mother became a show girl to keep enough gold. It didn't last long though, my Mother was killed for snooping. A few Gaians felt sympathy but none wanted anything to do with me because of the danger looming over me, Von Helson had it out for my family and anyone who was associated to us. One Gaian took pity on my case and offered me shelter, Edmund. I had done much changing while staying with him, constantly changing my look.

    I constantly dyed, and cut my hair. Switched between fake glasses or none and never wore the same clothes twice. Today, I was to turn 19. I figured that now was the time to leave Edmund and begin to look for my Father's killer, I went bounty hunter as soon as I came to live with him. I finally settled on a look, long beautiful brown hair, blue eyes. I wore a warm military undershirt, blue 90's pants, a cute blue ribbon and cool sneakers. I had caught several bounties already in the four years, 55 to be precise. I gather info and suss it out of anyone by any means necessary, I'm not scared by idle threats. The anyone today was Johnny Gambino, I had approached him several times but he had brush me off like a dust speck. This time, I'm not leaving until those tight lips of his come unsealed. I looked at my sliver pocket watch, almost time. I fanned myself and looked around, Gambino wasn't around. "Tsk, tsk tsk, tsk...Oh, Johnny...It's always the hard way with you isn't it?" I said to myself. "Fine, If you won't come to me, I'll just have to come to you." I folded fan and dropped my pocket watch, I got up and walked toward the Mansion.

    "Is that who I think it is?"
    "Yeah, i think so..."
    "She's so weird, I hear that she has it in for Gambino."
    "She's insane!"

    I glared at the ones who were talking about me, they all flinched. It was just other Gaians who gossip. I snapped my fingers and torched a tree, nearly missing them. I hate Gossip, even if it's true.

    To Be Continued...