• Verse 1 There are times when I worry about*How people will be affected*Most of my desicions are then corrected*But I had you on my eye and my mind*I just couldn't forget you*No matter how hard I tried*

    Chourus So I decided to think about myself* Just gonna think about me* I realized my feelings and yours were in jeporady*So thjis decision was for me*Hope I don't sound to selfish*But I just felt like thinking about me*

    Verse 2 There was a girl* Then there were lies*And next came the drastic words*We're Over*She was a B.F.F to me*I knew this would make her unhappy*

    Thinking about me (repeat three times)
    Th,Th,Th, Thinking about me

    Verse 3 So nowshe turned her back on me*The worst part is I don't care*


    Verse 4 So I'm with a really nice guy*He makes me laugh, never lets me cry*So I think I found the solution


    whee *Chourus*