• They made there way to the living room after ascending the treacherous stairs. The spirit woman was nearly dragging the girl. When they reached the living room there were more people.
    Sis, are you trying to yank the girl’s arm off? A boy said with a playful smile. He looked about sixteen, and had a handsome face.
    That’s my brother, Quint. The woman said. There was some irritation in her voice. The boy gave a pleasant smile and waved. Then she gently navigated to two children over to the other people. This is Betty. She said gesturing. Betty was a slightly plump lady with a pleasant smile. They all seemed to have pleasant smiles. Betty also had a little boy clinging to her dress. Oh and this is Micheal. He’s hasn’t really seen humans. He was staring at the two children. The girl gave him a smile and he smiled back with that pleasant smile of theirs and reached his arms out to the girl. She picked him and he gave her a big hug. She smiled and hugged him back.
    Are you going to stay with us? He asked leaning away for her. He looked back and forth between they boy and the girl.
    “Well not all the time, but we’ll be here a lot.” She said looking at her friend, and he let out a little laugh that could cheer anyone up.
    The younger spirits are always happy. They tend to make others happy too just by being in the same room. The spirit woman said as the girl put Micheal down. He was starting to squirm around. Once his feet hit the floor he was off and running. Betty smiled and went after him. A tall burly man was leaning against the fireplace watching Betty and Micheal with a smile.
    This is Betty’s husband Turk. The spirit woman said maneuvering the children again.
    Hello there. Turk said with that pleasant smile. It’s nice to have people here. I was getting bored.
    Oh no you weren’t, Betty’s voice rang out. You were asleep the whole time. She had wrangled up Micheal who was currently hanging upside down in his mother’s arms making odd little cooing noises.
    Well my dreams were getting boring. He said. Somehow there was always a hint of a smile on all of their faces. They all looked happy and vibrant.
    “So what’s your name?” The boy asked the spirit woman.
    Oh I’m Mindy.